• In The Country | 挪威

    In The Country| 挪威

    Body And Ghost

    Morten Qvenild | 鋼琴

    Roger Arntzen | 低音大提琴

    Pål Hausken | 鼓



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    聽In The Country,不會有似曾相識的感覺。他們的音樂混入不同風格,不乏創意靈感,但每每在靈感激發的一刻過後,你會發覺那音樂仍然是一貫平實不造作。這三個年青人也確實不賴,一出道便被選為挪威最佳年青爵士樂手,隨即出版了一張被《Downbeat》譽為歐洲全年度中最出類及突出的唱片。



    樂隊網站: http://www.myspace.com/inthecountrytrio


  • Irene Atman | 加拿大

    Irene Atman | 加拿大


    A Time For Love

    Irene Atman | 主唱

    Michael Shand | 鋼琴

    Lee Hutchinson | 低音結他

    Mike Brushey | 鼓



    雖然常被人說其歌聲是Ella Fitzgerald及Barbara Streisand等的混合體,但Irene Atman從沒放棄去開拓其個人風格和路線,甚至得到苛刻的紐約樂評人所推崇,藉此在美國爵士樂壇上取得一席位,更有機會和Tony Bennett及Mel Torme等殿堂名家同台演出。


    在加拿大多倫多出生的Irene Atman,除具有優厚的歌唱天份外,亦身兼作曲及監製的職責,作品雖以經典爵士樂為主,但亦跨越了流行及復古的地域。

    樂手網頁: http://www.ireneatman.com
  • JSFA, Korea 韓國

    JSFA, Korea 韓國



    Ji Young Lee 李智英 - Piano and Keyboard
    Eun-Chang Choi 崔殷彰 - Bass
    Dong Wook Lee 李東昱 - Saxophone
    Junghyun Cho 曹正鉉 - Trumpet
    Seungho Kim 金承浩 - Drums
    Jaewon Jung 鄭宰沅 - Guitars


    “The band can mix together unique qualities of both jazz and funk ……. As a result, the JSFA shows are fresh and exciting, never boring or mundane.” - Ian Paterson, All About jazz


    Jazz Snobs Funk Addicts (JSFA) is a Seoul-based sextet co-led by pianist/keyboardist Jiyoung Lee and bassist Eunchang Choi. Its2009 debut JSFA mixed electro-acoustic jazz-funk and sweet-sounding contemporary jazz. In the hard-grooving second CD "Season 2: The Return of JSFA!!"(2013), Lee's Hiromi-esque staccato keyboard dabs, Jung’s guitar sounds like Scott Henderson’s, and Lee’s saxophone solos with real fire. In JSFA, everybody is grooving. JSFA is now one of the leading exponents of the jazz-funk genre.


    以首爾為基地 JSFA,玩奏 Jazz funk 為主的六人組合 JSFA,是由一對夫婦檔,Jiyoung Lee 及 Eunchang Choi為中心人物,伙合了四位當今樂壇上的年青幼獅,全力猛攻這種節奏強勁,動力充沛而氣勢澎湃的當代爵士樂。2009 出版了首張唱片,便在全國 打響名堂,掀起一陣狂熱。經過四年的磨煉改進,去年泡制了第二張作品。成員的個人技術十分成熟,整體合作亦無懈可擊,硬實有力的聲勢使組合在 Funk Jazz 的世界中落實。韓風果然無處不在,JSFA 就告訴了我們,黃種人要 Funk 起來絕不會輸給美洲黑人的。





  • Kurt Rosenwinkel Standard Trio | 美國

    Kurt Rosenwinkel Standards Trio| 美國

    21st Century Guitar Stories

    Kurt Rosenwinkel | 結他

    Eric Revis | 低音

    Justin Faulkner | 鼓


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    Kurt Rosenwinkel 一貫的演奏風格,均具有出色的敘述性以及無限的想像空間。他在爵士樂的深厚傳統中不斷衍變,其成就已超越了一個爵士結他手的身份,就如大師Thelonious Monk 及Wayne Shorter音樂 的影響力般,已超越了他們本身彈及吹奏的技術範疇。


    Kurt Rosenwinkel曾是Joe Henderson 及Gary Burton樂隊成員,期間他致力於既飄逸又沉鬱的演奏風格,他的技藝不但精湛,而且具備了深刻的內省力。過去十年他發表了多張相當有份量且具原創性的專輯,鞏固了他作為「廿一世紀新音樂創作者」的地位。



    他的演奏傾向非通俗化,同時也有點似曾相識的感覺。 -- Nate Chinen,紐約時報


    Kurt Rosenwinke的音樂代表了未來之聲,正如bebop曾經創造爵士樂歷史一樣。 -- Howard Reich,芝加哥論壇報




  • Logic | 澳洲

    Logic| 澳洲

    Crossing All Boundaries

    Glenn Cannon | 結他

    Tim Wilson | 色士風

    Ben Vanderwal | 鼓

    Dane Alderson | 低音結他



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    Logic 2002年的首張同名專輯獲得如潮好評。此後還推出了《The Waiting Game》 和《 Native Strut》。樂隊曾在印尼、新加坡、墨爾本等地的爵士音樂節中演出。曾與樂隊成員合作過的藝人包括有Ray Charles、Michael Bublé 等。



    樂手網頁: http://www.logiconline.net


  • Lucero-Fernandes-Gagnon Trio USA /India /Canada 美國/ 印度/加拿大

    Lucero-Fernandes-Gagnon Trio USA /India /Canada 美國/印度/加拿大



    Nicholas Bouloukos  Jezrael Lucero - Piano
    Anthony Fernandes - Drums
    Sylvain Gagnon - Bass



    Jezrael Lucero, Piano – The Philippines


    Perfect pitch is just one of the many remarkable things about Lucero. According to his dad – who passed away a few years back – the musician was singing Sinatra’s Strangers in the Night at the age of 13 months; he was playing classical concertos on the piano at two; and he’s been gigging at hotels and appearing on TV shows since he was four. As well as being a tremendously gifted jazz pianist, whose fingers can prance like praying mantises or scramble like frenzied locusts on a keyboard, he’s a singer, arranger, drummer, bass-player, and guitarist; plus he’ll kick your assin NBA Live on the PlayStation.

    One more thing – he has been utterly blind since his premature birth on May 1, 1985.

    But he doesn’t see that as a handicap. “No!” he replies immediately at the suggestion. “No, never.”
    “I would think blindness, it will help you develop your inner strength, which is the most important thing in your life as you grow up.”

    Lucero calls it a gift, but it’s one that didn’t come easy. His father – “a real bad-assed teacher” – subjected the musician to smacks and cigarette burns from a young age as he honed his skill. “Most of the time he turned himself into a master, not a father,” says Lucero.

    Despite some resentment, however, Lucero says he owes his success to his dad and God. “As you grow old, you understand that everything your father did for you is so you can be tough and live in this real world. It’s not a world of happiness and pleasure all the time.” Even when speaking of difficult subjects, the smile never fades from his face.

    These days in Hong Kong, which has been his home for three years, Lucero dazzles Sunday afternoon guests in the lobby at the Four Seasons in Central, before heading over to the Martini Bar at Tsim Sha Tsui’s Royal Garden Hotel. He can often be found jamming at Peel Fresco after hours on Sundays, and he’s currently working on a project rearranging music from Duke Ellington with hip-hop beats.

    “Disability is a disability if you think of it,” he says with characteristic defiance, adding that he doesn’t like the ‘I cannot do it’ attitude. “I really like adventure. I like to do things that everybody doesn’t think I can.”


    Born to a musical family in India, Anthony Fernandes started a professional career at anearly age of 14. Moved to L.A, California in 1991 to study at the then Prestigious "DickGrove School Of Music". Moved to HK and teamed up with Asia's premiere guitaristEugene Pao at HK "Jazz Club" where he backed up numerous International renown artists.Besides, he has worked and recorded with over 100 Cantopop and Mandopop artist andrecorded over 800 albums till date.


    出生在印度的一個音樂世家,14 歲便成為職業樂手的 Anthony,在美國著名的DickGrove School Of Music 以優越成績結業,其後移居香港,成為了本地樂壇上家傳戶曉的名字。曾合作過的音樂人跨越各類型,有爵士樂的 Eric Marienthal,RichieCole,Guy Barker,James Moody,有和香港管弦樂團及 Michel Legrand,JamesMorrison 的。亦曾和無數香港流行樂歌星合作及灌錄了過八百張以上的唱片。




    Considered as one of the best Canadian bass player of its generation, Sylvainis a virtuoso of jazz bass playing styles ranging from rock to jazz, from SouthIndia, to African, Chinese, from funk to Latin music. Sylvain has recorded over150 albums, played on over 70 jingles, 10 movie soundtracks. In Hong Kong,he recorded and performed with local and international pop artists, also as amusical director for Theresa Carpio, Joyce Lee, etc.






  • Luo Ning Trio, China / Hong Kong 羅寧三重奏 中國 / 香港

    2 Oct 2015 Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre


    Luo ning, Piano鋼琴

    Marcus Ho, Bass低音

    Nate Wong,, drums



    羅寧在民族風情匯聚的新疆成長,四歲開始學習音樂,父親亲是他的啟蒙教師。年幼時得到了香港的鋼琴家陳陶金的指導,亦曾跟隨新疆藝術學院教授馬輝及王慶生學習樂理和聲學,英國皇家音樂學院教師斯蒂温·瑞斯繼續學習古典主義浪漫派鋼琴演奏。1996年底到了北京定居。於一次偶然的機會,跟隨了薩克斯手陸庭荃老師,在其樂隊裡同時學習及實踐演奏爵士钢琴。1998 年以來,羅寧一直在國際及國內的爵士及古典等舞台上活躍,並先後曾與Kenny Garrett, Jens Winther及Antonio Hart等同台交流及演出。在2008北京奧運會期間,受奥组委之邀演出了十一場爵士及古典的音樂會,包括獨奏及與外國樂手合作。而同時在奧運會場合表演的鋼琴手還有朗朗及李雲迪。2010往古巴藝術大學修讀期間,有幸能和格林美得主拉丁爵士樂綱琴手 Chucho Valdes學習。


    Luo Ning was born in a music family in China and started his music journey at the age of 4. Since 1998, Luo has appeared in various settings playing not only jazz but also classical, pop and folk music. He also had the chance to play with jazz greats like Kenny Garrett, Jens Winther and Antony Hart  among others. Dating back to 1976, Luo Ning received the guidance by pianist Chen Taojin from Hong Kong, and learned music theory from Professor Ma Hui in Xinjiang Arts College, romantic piano from Steven Reeze, the teacher of British Royal Institute of Music. He came to Beijing at the end of 1996. In 2008 Olympic Games In Beijing, Luo found himself playing with many jazz musicians from around the world, and performed along with China’s beloved pianist Ling Ling and Li Yun Di. In 2010, Luo spent a year studying at the Cuba Arts University, and has the opportunity to attend lessons given by Bellita, Roberto Fonseca, and most of all the multi Grammy winner Chucho Valdes.



  • Maple Jazz Band, China 中國

    Maple Jazz Band, China 中國



    Jason 徐啟華 - Drums, Band Leader
    Hugo Liang 梁華剛 - Piano
    Wen 溫嘉宇 - Bass
    Steven 劉洋鋼 - Saxophone
    JY-So 蘇君儀 - Voca


    Maple Jazz band was formed in 2007. All members studiedand graduated from Xinghai Conservatory of Music, and tutor
    and instructor for the KHS Music centre. The direction of theirmusic is mainstream jazz. They keep on exploring the legacyof this great art form besides fusing all kind of music genres,especially the funk tradition and Latin tinge. Members haveattended master classes held by jazz greats like TommySmith, Brady Blade and Will Calhoun, as well as Hong Kongjazz icon Ted Lo. With all the effort and hard works, MapleJazz band now emerges to be one of the most successfuljazz bands in the southern part of China.


    MAPLE JAZZ BAND 2007 年成立於星海音樂學院,成員均來自星海音樂學院的專業人士,現任KHS集團廣州和諧音樂中心的專業老師。樂隊以傳統爵士樂為核心,致力於正宗爵士樂的探索與研究,不斷融合多種現代爵士風格如:Modern、Fusion、Funk、Soul、Latin 等,還不斷對國內外經典歌曲進行改編,更直接地推廣爵士音樂!自樂團成立以來,曾接受過英國著名爵士色士風演奏家 Tommy Smith、美國打擊樂兼錄音大師 Brady Blade、Will Calhoun、Anthony Gonzalez、亞洲著名爵士樂隊 Ted Lo Trio 等多位世界級大師現場指導。經過多年的發展,MAPLE JAZZ BAND 已成為華南地區具有影響力的爵士樂團之一。





  • Maria João & Mário Laginha | 葡萄牙

    Maria João & Mário Laginha| 葡萄牙

    A Voice Supreme

    Maria João | 主唱

    Mário Laginha | 鋼琴


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    Maria João用她激情的歌聲來訴說她的根源和經歷,以她的歌聲來讓觀眾感受到生命中的喜悅、旋律的浪漫和甜密故事。 Maria的聲樂技巧和即興的靈活性最為人讚嘆。她的音樂融入了各地的民族音樂、現代爵士和前衛及實驗性的調句,她擁有出色的演譯能力,巧妙地將細膩的音樂結構轉換成文字和竊竊私語,令人回味不已。


    自 1983年碰上,製作了第一張專輯之後,Maria及Mário在葡萄牙國內外演出數百場音樂會,並灌錄了十多張精彩的專輯。他們的每張專輯內都能有所突破;每塲演唱會轉化成一刻的創意和情感。聽他們的現場演出,我們會不時分享到他們巡迴演出過的國家如印度、非洲及巴西等文化特色。




    聽過Maria的歌聲後你便可體驗出甚麽叫做「一曲難忘」及「神魂顛到」 了。




  • maRK,香港

    " maRK ", 香港



    樊麗華 - 鼓/敲擊

    黃樂其 - 鍵/鋼琴

    連嘉俊 - 色士風

    何兆為 電/低音大提琴





    Website: www.facebook.com/markquartethk 


  • McCadden Place Collective | 香港

    McCadden Place Collective | 香港


    龍有恆 | 鼓

    馬兆威 | 低音結他

    陳廣毅 | 結他

    林宇翔 | 結他



    成立於2007年的The McCadden Place Collective,由帶funk味的樂手組成,玩奏standards和groove,成員都各具十年以上的豐富表演經驗。


  • Mdungu | 非洲/荷蘭

    Mdungu| 非洲/荷蘭

    Out of Africa

    David Beukers | 次中音色士風、和音

    Job Chajes | 上低音色士風

    Frank Gones| 結他

    Michiel Bel | 結他

    Merjin van de Wijdeven | 低音結他、 Ska

    Ebou Gaya Mada Sabar | 主音歌手

    Benoit Martiny | 鼓

    Ruben Montes | 敲擊樂

    Thijs van Milligen | 中音色士風


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    Mdungu由中音色士風手Thijs van Milligen 在2003年成立。在國際舞台上無論是爵士樂、流行樂或世界音樂的各種節日上都廣受歡迎,在2009年發表首張專輯後,便忙於到世界各地巡迴演出,給各地觀眾留下難忘的印象。



    Mdungu是今年的重點樂隊之一;他們的表演從頭到尾都令人難忘,風格多變而充滿動感,是甚具挑戰性的新穎音樂。--全球音樂文化 FLY英國


    技藝非凡的樂隊表演十分精采! -- RifRaf雜誌





  • Michel Bisceglia Trio | 比利時

    The Michel Bisceglia Trio|比利時

    Piano Vanguard

    Michel Bisceglia | 鋼琴

    Werner Lauscher: double bass | 低音大提琴

    Marc Lehan | 鼓



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    從古典音樂開始,到現在成爲比利時爵士樂壇上的天之嬌子,Michel Bisceglia一方面受到Keith Jarret、Bill Evans 和 Lennie Tristano的影響,一方面也沒有遺忘孕育了他的古典音樂培養。Michel擅於運用敘事的手法,在似有還無的旋律以外蘊含更深層及更廣泛的意義。來聽聽Michel充滿濃厚個人風格的演奏,你將會被Michel的真性所感動,而重新認識爵士樂的真身。



  • Mikkel Ploug Trio, Denmark 丹麥

    Mikkel Ploug Trio, Denmark 丹麥



    Mikkel Ploug - Guitar
    Nicolai Munch Hansen - Bass
    Martin Andersen - Drums


    “Guitarist Mikkel Ploug’s star has been ascending-not only in his native Denmark, but also in various overlapping international jazz circles.” - Elliott Simon - All About Jazz (US)


    Mikkel's debut album was released in 2006 and received a worldwide critical acclaim. Since then, the trio has toured Europe, Braziland the US, playing most major jazz clubs and festivals. The trio has worked with great saxophonists like Mark Turner and LorenStillman. Mikkel started from drums at four years but switched to the guitar in his teens. He graduatedas Master of jazz guitar from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague Holland and has been living in Berlin, New York andCopenhagen. On drums is one of Denmark's most sought-after drummers Martin Andersen who has toured the world with the NewJungle Orchestra and many others. On bass is Nikolai Munch Hansen, one of the young keepers of Denmark's fine bass tradition.


    自 2006 年首張個人唱片面世引起各地樂壇一致好評後,Mikkel Ploug 三重奏便開始在歐美及巴西等地巡廻演出。至今,三重奏已先後灌錄了七張唱片,其中更邀得色士風猛人 Mark Tuner 及 Loren Stillman 一起合作。自四歲開始學習爵士鼓,其後便主攻結他。在皇家海牙音樂學院以優異成績取得 Master,後,曾在柏林、紐約及哥本哈根等地生活。Martin Andersen 為丹麥最受人爭相聘用,亦是著名的大樂團 New Jungle Orchestra 之鼓手。




  • Nate w/ The Wong Way Down, Hong Kong / USA 香港 / 美國

    4 Oct 2015Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Piazza C


    Joshua MacCluer - Trumpet

    Callum Mackenzie - Saxophone

    Patrick Lui - Piano

    Jeff Lehmberg - Bass

    Nate Wong - Drums




    Nate w/ The Wong Way Down是原裝本土以玩奏原創,高能量爵士樂的樂隊,由柏克萊高材生 Nate Wong帶領組合而成。在畢業回港短短數年間,已在本地樂壇打響名堂,單在2014一年已演出了過二百場之數。

    Nate w/ The Wong Way Down is Hong Kong’s premiere jazz ensemble. W.W.D. is a high energy original jazz music collective comprising Hong Kong’s top professional musicians led by Berklee College of Music graduate Nate Wong whose fingerprints are on virtually all parts of HK’s music scene performing with Shaolin Fez, The Voice of China, Ted Lo/Eugene Pao, The Nowhere Boys and over 200 other performances in 2014.


    Wong Way Down (W.W.D.)WWD將傳統爵士五重奏的陣容,為大家獻上一些屬於香港具本地節奏和活力出樂曲。

    W.W.D. brings the classic jazz quintet sound to the modern age, influenced by the lively sound and pace of our unique city, Hong Kong.


  • Nguyên Lê's Saiyuki | 法國/日本/印度

    Nguyên Lê’sSaiyuki| 法國/日本/印度

    Journey to the Soul

    Nguyên Lê | 結他

    Mieko Miyazaki | 日本十三弦古箏,三味線,主音

    Prabhu Edouard | 塔布拉鼓,敲擊樂


    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    廿多年來,這位在巴黎出生成長,祖藉越南的結他手阮黎,有幸能和來自不同國家的樂手合作,磨練出一手脱俗而獨特的個人風格。其從不墨守的態度和强烈的推動力來對待音樂的態度,盡顯大將風範。今回伙拍彈奏日本古箏的日藉樂手Mieko Miyazaki和 塔布拉鼓手Prabhu Edouard來一起大話西遊。不一般的陣容,不一般的風格。來自日本、北印度和三藩市的文化形成巨大的互動引力,讓他們從各國的文化泉源中吸取養份,詮釋古老國度的智慧,創出真正的國際語言。


    HendrixNguyên Lê絕對可和Bill FrisellJohn ScofieldMike SternAllan Holdsworth等結他大師平分天下。--美國權威樂評人Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes


    樂手網站: http://www.nguyen-le.com/Site_Nu/Bonjour.html

  • NT霑露絲,喀麥隆/荷蘭

    Ntjam Rosie, Cameron/The Netherlands



    NT霑露絲 - 歌手

    曆山太凡博特 鍵琴

    莊田荷斑 結他

    巴斯高斯雯 低音





    除了與生俱來的好嗓子外,Ntjam同時並兼作編曲,唱片監製等職位,並擁有個人的唱片公司Gentle Daze. 此外,由於其獨特而出眾的外貌和體態,更為時裝界所擁愛,如被Elle什誌提名為最具個人風格大奬等。但Ntjam 從不當自已是時裝界的大姐大,顯示其真本領真本色的才華,是在其音樂之中。


    “我是藝術家。在我的文化根源中發掘靈感,使之化成為藝術。” 就是這股原動力,使到其音樂絕不浮跨,清新而有機(organic) 地把獨特的個人風格呈現出來。


    出道的日子雖然不長,但Ntjam卻曾獲多項提名及獎項,如在世界音樂日,荷蘭國家音樂事務署“MCN World Up!”的最具潛力獎、艾迪遜大獎,及鹿特丹荷蘭音樂大使等。




    Website: www.ntjamrosie.com/


  • Pasquale Stefano East-West Quintet, Italy / Taiwan 意大利 / 台灣

    1 Oct 2015 Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre


    Pasquale Stafano, piano 鋼琴

    Yu Wan Yun Naomi, 余芸Vocal歌手

    Kao Yu Ching, 高裕景Erhu二胡

    Huang Tzu Yu, 黃子瑜Drums鼓

    Danille Cappucci, Bass 低音

    Tim Ries, Saxophonist (Special Guest) ( 特別嘉賓)



    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS



    The project was formed in 2014 after Pasquale Stafano’s meeting Naomi Yu in Taipei.  The group’s materials are inspired mainly by the seductive Chinese and Italian folklore and traditional music.


    Pasquale Stafano在意大利福查(Foggia)音樂學院修讀鋼琴,因對爵士樂的響往而再進修爵士樂專修課程,師承芝加哥鋼琴手Brandon McCune。經常在國內外參加比賽而屢次獲獎。


    Pasquale Stafano, pianist, composer and arranger was awarded the Piano Academic Degree at "U. Giordano" Music Conservatory of Foggia (Italy) in 1994 and the Jazz Academic Degree at “U. Giordano” Music Conservatory in 2000. Following his passion for jazz music, he attended the "Specialization Jazz Course” “CPM” Siena Jazz” held by the pianist Mauro Grossi and "Pescara Jazz Master Class” held by the pianist and composer Brandon McCune, teacher of Columbia Jazz College of Chicago in 1999.  He participated at several national and international competitions, of contemporary and jazz music, achieving first prizes. He collaborated and collaborates currently with important and famous jazz musicians like: Javier Girotto, Gabriele Mirabassi, Fabrizio Bosso, Max Ionata, Gustavo Toker, Michele Rabbia, Daniel Humair, and others.


    Beyond his jazz studies, he has a passion for the south America music, in particular for the argentinian tango music and founded the trio "Nuevo Tango Ensamble" in 1999. With this project he performs all around the world in prestigious theaters, Festivals and Jazz Clubs in Rome, Turin, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw, Seoul and Taipei and many others.    


    He has released CDs like "Astor's Mood", "A night in Vienna for Astor Piazzolla", “D’impulso” and others recording with Gabriele Mirabassi, Javier Girotto and others.  In December 2014 he arranged two composition and recorded it with Nuevo Tango Ensamble for Korean Movie “Chronicle of a blood merchant”.   He participated in several national and international competitions, of contemporary, chamber music and jazz music, achieving first prizes every time.  He is also a lecturer in piano jazz and classical, composition and arrangement in several Public and Private High Schools.




    Born in Taipei, Naomi sang in church choir where she was immersed in gospel music. After hearing jazz in the movie soundtracks, she began to develop an appreciation for it at an early age. She studied Applied English at Southern Taiwan University of Technology in Taiwan and studied French at CIDEF of UCO (Université Catholique de l'Ouest) in France. Her curiosity and love for music led her to explore the abundance of Jazz recordings and she started singing professionally at age 27. Since then she has been performing at many functions and events, and currently participates in various projects, with many talented musicians in Taiwan and from aboard.



  • Paul Augustin | 馬來西亞

    Paul Augustin | 馬來西亞


    Paul Augustin是Penang Island國際爵士音樂節創始人及總監,他已經參與文藝界各項事務30余年。96年他與Chin Choo Yuen共同創立了大型活動策劃公司,開始形成在島上舉辦音樂節的想法,這一夢想在8年后成真,Paul成功舉辦了Penang Island爵士音樂節。同時Paul也是亞洲爵士音樂節組織的創始人,并為馬來西亞眾多音樂節擔任顧問。


  • Poncho Sanchez and His Latin Jazz Band featuring Terence Blanchard | 美國

    Poncho Sanchez and His Latin Jazz Bandfeaturing Terence Blanchard | 美國



    --Tribute To Chano Pozo and Dizzy Gillespie

    Poncho Sanchez | 主音歌手,剛加鼓,敲擊樂

    Terence Blanchard | 小號

    Tony Banda | 低音大提琴,和音

    Ron Francis Blake | 小號

    Joey De Leon, Jr. | 邦加鼓,敲擊樂,鼓

    Rob Hardt | 色士風

    George Ortiz | 拉丁敲擊樂

    David Torres | 鋼琴

    Francisco Torres | 伸縮喇叭,和音


    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    由格林美奬得主Poncho Sanchez和五個格林美奬得主Terence Blanchard破天荒首次合作的項目,Cubano Be Cubano Bop,是個企圖重寫歷史的大膽嘗試。在Poncho Sanchez 的拉丁爵士大樂隊伴隨下,兩位爵士樂壇上的重量級大師,將會重塑1947年Be Bop創發者之一的Dizzy Gillespie和古巴敲擊手Chano Pozo的歷史性一刻,拉丁爵士樂的降世經典。節目内的樂曲均全為重新編寫,亦將會成為劃時代的拉丁爵士金曲,大家齊來見證。


    Terence Blanchard八十年代出道,先在Lionel Hampton大樂隊中進修,其後加入了Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers,大學堂練成正身。雖為Hard Bop道上的大將,但其濃厚的非洲根源風格令他在同輩小號手中鶴立雞羣,成多爵士音樂史上重要的殿堂人物。曾编寫及灌錄的電影配樂超過半百以上,為金像導演Spike Lee的御用配樂師。二千年開始當上Thelonius Monk Institude of Jazz的藝術總監。多次成為格林美樂提名及先後五次奪奬。


    Poncho  Sanchez在1951年出生,以敲擊剛加鼓和演唱Salsa樂曲音譽全球。在其偶像Cal Tjader大力推薦下和Concord唱片公司簽约,先後共發行了廾張作品,二千年憑作品《Latin Soul》赢得格林美「最佳拉丁爵士樂大奬」。2005作品《Do It》更跨界地與金牌放克組合Tower of Power,及南非小號大師Hugh Masekela等合作,被譽為美國當代最出色的敲擊樂手,絕非跨奬之事。




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