• The Buzz Bros Band, Holland (Cancel)


    Erik Robaard - Double bass

    Marnix Busstra - Guitars, electric sitar & bouzouki

    Berthil Busstra - Fender Rhodes & keyboards

    Marc Schenk - Drums



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    “…adventurous, freely interpreted electric acoustic funky jazz ………….”


    The Buzz Bros Band, a Dutch jazz quartet, is an initiative of guitarist Marnix Busstra and his brother pianist Berthil Busstra. In its first decade, the band has played all over the world, including Europe, India, China, and Indonesia. Wherever the quartet performs, their specific sound and their inspiring musical approach always charms the audience.


    The music of the band is inspired by a myriad of musical styles, periods, and cultures, ranging from Miles Davis’ sixties jazz, to pop and soul music from the seventies, and music from India, Ireland, Africa, and Asia.


    Merging these influences into a distinct, groovy and melodic entity, the band has created a concept that is both unique and contagious. Add to that the acoustic sound of the double bass, a drummer who uses brushes only, a timeworn Fender Rhodes piano, and the usage of a bouzouki and an electric sitar, what you get is the inimitable sound of The Buzz Bros Band.


    The start of 2012 marked a next step in the development of the band, in introducing a new rhythm tandem. The Buzz Brothers are now joined by bassist Erik Robaard and drummer Marc Schenk. Together, the quartet is more than ready for a series of musical trips around the world.






  • The Jimmy Cobb, Larry Coryell, Joey DeFrancesco All Star Trio

    Legendary Jazz moving forward!

    The Jimmy Cobb - Drums

    Larry Coryell - Guitars

    Joey DeFrancesco - Hammond B3 organ



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    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    Legendary jazz drummer, Jimmy Cobb, is the elder statesman of all the incredible Miles Davis bands. Jimmy’s inspirational work with Miles, John Coltrane, Cannonball Adderly spanned from 1957 until 1963, and included the masterpiece "Kind of Blue", the most popular jazz recording in history.


    Larry Coryell deserves a special place in the history books as one of the pioneers of jazz-rock. He brought an alien sensibility to jazz electric guitar playing in the 1960s. As a true eclectic, armed with a brilliant technique, he is comfortable in almost every style, covering almost every base from the most distortion-laden electric work to the most delicate, soothing, intricate lines on acoustic guitar.


    At the age of 10 years old, virtuoso Joey DeFrancesco was playing gigs with legendary musicians like Philly Joe Jones and Hank Mobley.  He signed his first recording contract with Columbia Records at the age of 16 and joined Miles Davis' group in the late Eighties. The two-time Grammy Nominee, recognized as the Master of the Jazz Organ, has put out over 20 recordings as a leader and continues to collaborate with some of the top names in modern jazz.  Joey DeFrancesco is one of the jazz scene's true pioneers.


    This All Star Trio comes together in their latest recording, “Wonderful! Wonderful!” to celebrate the spectacular past of jazz as well as its future.



    Website: http://www.theamiagency.com/bio/jimmy-cobb-larry-coryell-joey-defrancesco-all-star-trio


  • 4 Oct 2015 Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Piazza C


    Siu Hin-Chuen, saxophone色士風

    Abson Fung, Suona/ guanzi,吶/管子

    Lui Ngao Yuen, bass低音

    Jan Ikonen, piano鋼琴

    Ivan Yeung King Him, percussion敲擊

    Dean Li, drums




    'The ensemble flowed seamlessly from jazz to Chinese folk music, and from funk to Afro-Cuban!' - Stephen Holley, the chairperson of the Jazz Education Network Membership Committee


    PJFB 於2013年组成全港人班底的樂隊,在達拉斯舉辦的爵士樂教育者聨綱 (JEN Jazz Education Network) 會議中首演。PJFB的音樂融匯中西,把西方流行音樂的多種元素如爵士即興及放克,和傳統中國民歌及戲曲等結合,但毫不造作,承襲傳統之時亦開闢了新天地。


    The Pentatonic Jazz Fusion Band (P.J.F.B.) came together in 2013 and had their debut concert in JEN conference, which was held in Dallas, Texas, USA.  P.J.F.B. introduces a new form of fusion, incorporating Chinese and Western musical instruments, Chinese folk elements, with contemporary jazz harmony, funk rhythm and free jazz improvisation. Based in Hong Kong, the fusion of Chinese and Western sextet has constantly found the boundaries to cross, combining genres and different cultures while exploring the unknown.


  • 1 Oct 2015 Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre


    Pasquale Stafano, piano 鋼琴

    Yu Wan Yun Naomi, 余芸Vocal歌手

    Kao Yu Ching, 高裕景Erhu二胡

    Huang Tzu Yu, 黃子瑜Drums鼓

    Danille Cappucci, Bass 低音

    Tim Ries, Saxophonist (Special Guest) ( 特別嘉賓)



    Tim Ries received degrees from both The University of North Texas and of Michigan. He has led a unique and varied career, which began in 1983 with Maynard Ferguson and after which he moved to NYC in 1985. Since then his performing and recording credits include a who’s who of jazz, rock, pop and world music icons: The Rolling Stones from 1999 to the present, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Donald Fagen, Michael Jackson, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Rod Stewart, and jazz greats Red Garland, Donald Byrd, Hank Jones, Jack DeJohnette, Phil Woods, Tom Harrell, Michael Brecker, Tony Bennett, Maria Schneider among many others. Tim was a member of the Prism Saxophone Quartet from 1993-2003. He has released 9 CDs as a leader. Two of the discs, “The Rolling Stones Project” and “Stones World” are his versions of the Stones tunes arranged in jazz and world music genres. Both CDs have drawn rave reviews across the globe. Some of the guest artists featured on these CDs include: all four Stones members, Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, Milton Nascimento, Sara Baras, Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Jack DeJohnette, Lisa Fischer and more. His latest collaborations are performing with Sara Baras and with The East Gipsy Band from Budapest.



  • Alexander Fung & His Cello Quartet feat. Arai Soichiro & Ho Shan


    Time line - Poems de Orchestral Elektronik Jazz

    Alexander Fung - Synth, piano & vocal

    Arai Soichiro - Drums & Percussions

    Ho Shan - DJ , electric guitar and programming

    Scott Dodd - Upright Bass


    Cello Quartet

    Edgar, Hung
    Anna, Kwan
    Yo Chung, Chen
    Ya-ling, Song




    Alexander HM Fung

    Pianist, Sound Designer, Keyboardist, Music Director, Singer-songwriter and Music Producer. 

    Born in 1979 and raised in Hong Kong, Alex Fung received the Diploma of Piano Performance from the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) at the age of 12.  Alex Fung furthered on his studies in Acid Jazz at Berklee College of Music, and gained his bachelor degree in Music Production & Engineering.


    In 2002, Alex returned to Hong Kong and engaged himself in the Pop Music Industry as a Producer, Arranger, Composer and Orchestration. From then on, he has been producing over three hundred songs for performing artists in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, winning many major music awards and recognitions from the media.


    In 2011, Alex begins his journey in pursuing his own music composition.  Inspired by the 5000 years history of Chinese poetries, songs, and poetic lyrics & composite , Alex attempts to explore into unique blend of Chinese sonical elements with Electronics Jazz Music , resonated from the old traditional poetic rhymes. 


    Alex will also be performing and touring with Hiromi Uehara, Herbie Hancock and other international Jazz Artist in the near future.





  • Trads & Corps Amateur Marching Band|Hong Kong

    Trads & Corps Amateur Marching Band (TCA) was established in the year of 2001 by Mr. Joseph YU LUNG SANG. The objective is to gather and associate a group of people who are enthusiastic in music. It aims to provide a platform where members can learn about the order of life through marching practice and to discover their own talent, especially for teenagers. In 2003 and 2004, the band gave performances in the Marching Band Gala, took part in various performances in Woodwinds Festival in Macau, a Parade to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to the Mainland and guest performance in the announcement of SuperGoo Concert of HOCC. The band has been invited to perform in the joint school concert organized by Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School and Voyage de Musique organised by Holy Trinity College.  TCA has gained four Golden Medals and two Silver Medals in the Hong Kong Marching Band Competition from 2005 to 2010.

  • Trio d'en Bas| France

    High-brow Music from Low-brow France

    Arnaud Rouanet | Tenor saxophone, Clarinet, Sampler, Voice

    Samuel Bourille | Piano, Keyboards, FX, Voice

    Yoann Scheidt | Drums, Percussions, Trombone, Voice


    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    A culmination of this trio’s artistic projects, Trio d’en Bas was formed in 2003 to play “high-brow music for low-brow France” or simply, music that has been labeled yet is hard to describe.


    Over the past five years, they have done concerts in their original trio form and hybrid forms born out of collaborations with other artists such as music and circus, music and theater, music and painting, music and dance, music and video...


    Their music is definitely jazz influenced yet unclassifiable; a joyful mix of original compositions with sudden improvisations, angry political outbursts and unexpected humor, not to mention, the “revisitations” of borrowed themes from the annals of jazz, French pop and sometimes even international pop music.


    Winner, Jazz Migration Contest, 2010 Conferred by the AFIJMA (the Association of Innovative Jazz and Contemporary Music Festivals) and the FSJ (Federation of Jazz Venues)


    “It’s a patchwork of styles: Johann Strauss follows Frank Zappa without fear, a lyrical Albert Ayler and Gato Barbiere flirting with the delicious Keith Jarret harmonies on the piano. It’s Uzeste school of Bernard Lubat in all it’s magnificence.” -- Philippe Mezia , Jazzmag, 2010





  • Uncle Hung | Hong Kong

    Yuen Che Hung, better known as Uncle Hung(雄仔叔叔)is the founder of No Hurry Story Workshop. In the past 17 years he has been writing and telling stories for children, and adults. He runs workshops to capture children’s creativity so that they come to understand their own power to create. He also runs workshops for adults and himself to learn to let go. He has written 8 children’s picture story books, and is a regular contributor to magazines and newspaper in areas of creative writing. He now is the facilitator of a project called “City Legend(傳說我城)”organized by The Bookshop which stage a monthly storytelling session open to the public at the Arts Centre. He has also just finished a Solo performance in june this year, titled “Bread and Black roses----Poems on Generational Relay”, a personal epic portraying the social struggles of the past 30 years in HK. He has Ah Kok doing live music in this performance.

  • 3 Oct 2015 Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre


    Veronica Nunes, ukulele烏克麗麗

    Ricardo Vogt, guitar結他



    原藉巴西現居紐約的 Veronica Nunes出生在音樂世家,在巴西傳統及古典音樂中長大,15歲便成職業樂手。在巴西著名音樂學院 EPM修讀聲學及cavaquinho(巴西ukulele) ,2009年移居纽約並加盟了巴西大樂隊 Brazooka。在此期間認識了天才橫溢的結他手 Ricardo Vogt,除一起製作了Nunes的首張唱片外,並經常合作到各地巡演。除演出外 Nunes還熱心教學,曾在印度著名音樂學院Swarnabhoomy任教。


    A native of Rio de Janeiro, Veronica Nunes grew up in a musical environment listening to traditional Brazilian styles such as samba, choro and classical music. Since the age of fifteen Veronica sings and performs professionally.  She studied voice as well as guitar and cavaquinho (Brazilian version of the ukulele) at the Brazilian music school EPM, and moved to New York in 2009 and became a member of the famous Brazilian band, Brazooka.  During this period she met the talented Brazilian guitarist and composer Ricardo Vogt and started the music journey. In 2013, alongside with Ricardo, Veronica released her debut album, ‘Pra Fugir da Saudade’. The album is a journey through generations of great composers of samba giving a real tribute to the most traditional and timeless rhythm of Brazil. The album features fresh and original interpretations of classical compositions by masters such as Chico Buarque, Milton Nascimento,  Baden Powell, Vinicius de Morais, among others.  Besides performing, Veronica is also an educator. She has done several music workshops around the world as well as taught at the well known Swarnabhoomy Academy of Music in India.Godin Guitars are currently developing a cavaquinho for Veronica Nunes.  


    同是在音樂極為普及的巴西出生,Ricardo Vogt在Antonio Jobim等的樂曲中長大。在往波士頓Berklee就讀期間已光芒四射,著名鋼琴手Eliane Elias在首次和他合奏後便當場招攬於隊中,灌錄唱片外並一同到世界各地巡演。不久,Esperanza Spalding聞風而至亦把 Vogt收為成員,合作灌錄的唱片更連取兩個格林美獎項。结他品牌 Godin為Ricardo度身訂造及命名了一款結他,特點是設有一條低音频的弦缐,具有極其獨特及原創的聲音。


    With a Brazilian groove that will catch anyone’s attention, Ricardo Vogt is grabbing everyone’s ears. Born in Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil, Vogt was fortunate to grow up surrounded by music, enthralled by the sounds of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Elis Regina. During his time at Berklee, Ricardo became an endorser for Godin guitars and has had the honor of performing with incredible musicians, including Rosa Passos, and Eliane Elias whom upon hearing Ricardo hired him on the spot.  As a member of Regina’s quartet, Ricardo toured around the world and has performed at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Madrid Jazz Festival and the Dinant Jazz Festival.  Ricardo has also recorded on Eliane’s recent album 'Bossa Nova Stories'.


    Soon after, Vogt  was invited by Esperanza Spalding to join her band and the recording “Chamber Music Society” featuring Ricardo Vogt’ which won two Grammy awards. Apart from his roles with Eliane and Esperanza, Vogt’s main project is a duet with jazz vocalist and trumpet player Leala Cyr. A unique combination of voices, guitar and trumpet create their rare duet. Together since 2002, Vogt and Cyr have been arranging everything from Duke Ellington, to Antonio Carlos Jobim, to Guinga.  RICARDO is also a distinguished singer/sonwriter.  One of his compositions is feature on Sergio Mendes’s album “Magic”.  He has also written several songs in partnership with Milton Nascimento and Pedro Bernardo.  


    The guitar used by Ricardo was developed by Godin Guitars exclusively. The guitar, which bears the name of the guitarist, has a different tuning from the classical guitar and contains a string that sounds like a bass, resulting in a very characteristic and original sound.






  • VII|Hong Kong

    Lego Shum | Drums

    arWai Chan | Bass

    Ricky Wong | Piano

    Kenny K C Lin | Saxophone

    Hei Kwok | Trumpet

    Lap Wang Li | Trombone

    Don Yeung | Guitar


    VII was formed by seven magnificent young players, whom met and get acquainted at the Live House ‘Visage’. The band adapted the soul and funk genres and developed a distinguish sound of their own.

  • Wilson Lam Trio| Hong Kong

    Generation X

    Wilson Lam | Guitar

    Chan Kam Ming | Bass

    Anna Fan | Drums

    Jazz guitarist and Musicians Institute graduate Wilson Lam has been performing, composing and producing music since the age of 18. He has worked with the likes of Michael Bregman, Gunther Schuller, Tan Dun, local heroes Eugene Pao and Ted Lo as well as the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and New York University Symphony Orchestra.


    For the HKIJF 2011, he will be hooking up with bassist Scott Dodd and drummer Andy Gander, both of whom are thoroughly learned and dedicated educators of music. These two have collectively worked with such greats as Kenny Wheeler, Ernie Watts, John McLaughlin, Nicholas McBride and local guitar-virtuoso Eugene Pao.


    Whatever comes out of this trio should prove aurally even pleasing, maybe even surprising as they mine their own experiences and cultural backgrounds for musical inspiration in their jazz tour de force.

  • Wouter Hamel, The Netherlands



    Wouter Hamel  - Vocal

    Rory Ronde - Guitar

    Sven Happel - Bass

    Jasper van Hulten - Drums

    Thierry Castel - Piano



    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    Wouter Hamel (born 1977) is a Dutch jazz singer. He released his debut album ‘Hamel’ in March 2007. Hamel’s style has been compared to Jamie Cullum and Mel Tormé.

    After winning the Dutch Jazz Vocal Competition in 2005, Hamel received significant attention from the Dutch media. He has since performed on several television shows and on the internationally-known North Sea Jazz Festival. His debut album, for which he wrote all of the twelve songs, was released to critical acclaim. It peaked at on the Dutch Albums Top 100. Hamel also released the song “Breezy” as a single in Japan, where it reached on the Tokio Hot 100 chart.



    Website: www.hamelmusic.com


  • The Young Cats Quartet| Hong Kong

    Almond Yeung |Drums

    Lau Hiu Tung | Guitar

    Daniel Lo | Piano

    Wong Tak Chung | Bass


    Founded in summer 2010, Young Cats Quartet is a local group which plays various styles of jazz/fusion music. Since its foundation, the group has participated in various performances and is active in the local pop/jazz music scene. It plays not only for the general public in hotels, functions, weddings, malls and concert halls, but also for acute listeners of fine jazz. The group has been frequently hired for regular and one-time engagements at different major jazz venues in town such as Peel Fresco, the Melting Pot, Backstage Live Restaurant and Cali Cali.

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