RUSCONI | Switzerland

Return of the Bad Boys

Stefan Rusconi | Piano

Fabian Gisler | Bass

Claudio Strüby | Drums


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Rusconi Trio, who stormed the world at the Jazznojazz Festival in Zurich, 2006, was immediately praised as “The New Discovery” and was hailed as the new Esbjorn Svensson Trio after his passing in 2008.


Their music is harmonic and warm without appearing sterile while expressing an interplay of disunity and aesthetics.  Stefan Rusconi’s piano impresses with his rhythmic elegance and captivating harmonic magic.  They are young, fresh, stylistic, and innovative - but above all they are simply great performers. The trio is said to be the future of jazz.


Their new album “It’s a Sonic Youth Life” is inspired by the music of Sonic Youth, one of the most influential indie rock bands.  Rusconi will be showing a new side without loosing their own distinctive sound in this exceptional project, continuing to lift the European Jazz scene to a higher level.




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