RUM | Hong Kong

Tong KH | Guitar

Cheng CC | Guitar

Alex Au | Piano

Ah Sai | Bass

Steve Cheung | Drums

Li Gao Yang | Saxophone


Found by Alex Au and KH Tong in 2004, playing regularly at the 48th street Chicago Blues Bar, and member has participated at the Hong Kong Jazz festival 2005. Alex Au has been studying traditional music, majoring in composition, has written music for all sort of works from orchestra, chamber, film, dance, and multi-media presentation. He has studied with Ted Lo on improvisation. Guitarist KH Tong is a multi-instrumentalist, grown up with all kind of music from classical, metal, jazz to contemporary music. Now an active player as well as music educator. This time they have a very special guest from Beijing, Li Gao Yang, the young talented saxophone player.

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