Maria João & Mário Laginha | Portugal

A Voice Supreme

Maria João | Vocals

Mário Laginha | Piano



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Maria João expresses lifetime stories, her roots and her passion for jazz by singing, inviting audiences to experience vivid and joyful rhythms combined with romantic melodies.


She is known for her vocal flexibility and improvisational skills. Her music incorporates an eclectic mix of folk/ethnic music, modern jazz, and the avant-garde, amazingly transforming delicate musical structures into tones, words and whispers.


Maria João & Mário Laginha met in 1983, made their first record and have since performed hundreds of concerts in Portugal and abroad and made more than 10 excellent records together playing, fundamentally, the music that they like and want to do, often revealing the cultural influences of the countries where they have been playing in – India, Africa, Brazil.


In 2008, they regrouped to make their commemorative album “Chocolate” of their 25-year career with a set of standards and original songs.



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