Gao Hong Zhang & ACID Live | China/UK/Malaysia

Ethnic Funk and Hip Hop

Gao Hong Zhang | Vocal

Zhang Zhang | Keyboards

Liu Yang | Bass

Wen Xiang | Guitar

Da Wei | Drums

Chew Weng Yeow | VJ

Christopher Cook | DJ


Born of the Yunnan “Yi tribe” in 1978, Gao Hong Zhang graduated from the University of Music in Dali and devoted a good number of years to the Yunnan music scene. In 2005, his debut work “Dancing Vegetable Man” won him wide media acclaim. His performance at the Smithsonian American Culture and Arts Festival was reviewed by the “Finland National Report” as being “with unique ideas and innovative, artistic singer with a most charismatic personality.”


More a collective than traditional band, ACID Live’s five official members reflect the range of cultural flavors in Beijing’s arts and music scene. You might hear a twisted wa-wa version of the Mission Impossible theme morph into blues before dissolving into an ocean of ambient electronic crackles. If a ‘60s-style counterculture ever takes off in China, this fusion of Beijing’s musical voices will provide the soundtrack.



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