Estudiantina Ensemble | Cuba

The Danzon Revival

Ricardo Bekema "Arístides" | Lead vocals, Guitar

Oscar Lorient Vedey “Papitín” | Lead vocals, Small percussions

Pedro Luís Pardo Cosme “El Chamba” | Tressero

Leo Martís “Pantaléon” | Second guitar

Alexander Rodriguez Cala |Trumpet, Percussions

Eric Wijngaarde “Derecho de Nacer”| Lead voca l Percussions

Ernesto Paz Rivero| Vocals, Bass



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Singer/guitar player Ricardo "Aristides" Bekema founded the Estudiantina Ensemble in dedication and preservation of danzon music in the Estudiantina tradition from Santiago de Cuba in east Cuba. Estudiantina groups were formed by students who roamed the streets and local festivities, played the popular version of danzon during the late 19th century.


In addition to the vocals, this style uses two guitars, the tres-guitar, bass, trumpet or flute, claves, guiro, maracas and traditional pailitascubanas.


In 2007, the ensemble received an invitation from Buena Vista Social Club member Eliades Ochoa to play at the prestigious “Festival de la Trova Pepe Sanchez” in Santiago de Cuba. They were performing on the legendary stages and in front of the camera's of the Cuban State Television and an ecstatic Cuban crowd.



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