Li Gao Yang Quartet,China/USA/Australia


Cameron Reid
Jim Schneider
Li Gao Yang
Peter Scherr


Li Gao Yang - Saxophones & EWI

Jim Schneider - Piano

Peter Scherr - Bass

Cameron Reid - Drums




Gaoyang Li entered Middle School Affiliated to the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts and was major in MIDI Arranger.


In addition to studying the courses, Li is dedicated to saxophone and improvisation and has written a book called 《The Introduction of Saxophone》. He has rich experience working with famous performers of saxophone around the world and participated in various festivals around Beijing and Shanghai. In June, 2010, he took part in the work of adapting the nursery rhyme 《A Bird》 to a saxophone version and acted as the saxophone player in the Fourteenth CCTV Young Singer Grand Prix. In the end he helped Fujia Cao, the singer, win the silver award of the contest.


Li is active in the music circles in Beijing. He performs as the chief alto saxophonist in Beijing Jungle Big Band (former Beijing Jazz Band)、 CD Blues Swing Band and Afrokoko Roots, and establishes his own band Gaoyang Li Trio and Gaoyang Li Quartet. Li has been praised as the “jazz power with rich originality and strength” by the media.






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