Freddy Cole Quartet | USA

I’m Not My Brother

Freddy Cole | Piano, Lead Vocals

Randy Napoleon | Guitar

Curtis Boyd | Drums

Elias Bailey | Double Bass


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The youngest brother of Nat King Cole, Freddy learned and played piano at six, and probably is the last crooner alive today. His vocals -- suave, elegant, formidable, and articulate -- are among the most respected in jazz history.


He doesn't apologize for sounding like his brother, Nat "King" Cole, and there are certain unmistakable similarities; he plays piano and sings and performs live with a guitar and upright bass, just like Nat yet his voice is raspier, smokier, jazzier even. But he has emerged from the awesome shadow cast by his elder brother. In truth, his phrasing is closer to that of Frank Sinatra or Billie Holiday and his timing swings a little more.


Freddy's career continues to ascend as he has moved into the front ranks of America's homegrown art form with a style and musical sophistication all his own that has made him one of the most expressive male jazz singers of his generation, if not the best alive.



“Freddy has an impeccable sense of swing... he is, overall, the most maturely expressive male jazz singer of his generation, if not the best alive." -- The New York Times



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