Made in Hong Kong

SIU 2 - Pure local brew totally original EWP

Made in China
Gao Hong Zhang & Acid Live - Chinese instrument meets Acid jazz, the fresh and first ever heardmusic genre from palnet earth


We have the most innovative and promising groups that can represent the modern spirit in HongKong – SIU2, the up-coming and cutting-edge female vocalist Ginger Kwan, Hong Kong’s belovedbass-player Peter Scherr’s band Deafaids and our own perennial jazz guitar player cum educator,Teddy Suen.


Although hampered by insufficient venues for performing the arts in Hong Kong, the Hong KongInternational Jazz Festival 2011 will be creating a mobile stage at the West Kowloon CulturalDistrict to foster the growth of young and up-coming artists who deserve much, much morerecognition.

Return of Rusconi and Logic


Both bands received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike in 2010. Their comeback thisyear is both a big deal and great in demand especially as Rusconi just received the prestige EchoAward in Germany.Aseana Percussion Unit, MalasiaEstudiantina Ensemble, CubaAlexandre Cunha Quartet, Brazil


Aseana Percussion Unit from Malaysia, the Estudiantina Ensemble from Cuba, the AlexandreCunha Quartet from Brazil, and Mdungu from Africa/Holland are groups you don’t get to listen toquite often. Not only refer to their styles of music and also to the live performance experience.The groove, the move and the mastery combination of music genre, that show how culturaldiversities can be blended in a smooth and harmonized body.

Nguyên Lê’s Saiyuki



For over twenty years, Nguyên Lê has collaborated with a growing ‘cadre’ of like-mindedmusicians, building a body of work that is, in the truest sense of the word, "world music."


“Nguyên Lê is a masterful, inventive player who has cultivated a wholly unique voice on theinstrument, he ranks right up there with Frisell, John Scofield, Mike Stern & Allan Holdsworth in thepost Hendrix world of jazz guitar.” -- Jazz Times




Creating more than just their own mix of Pop, Jazz and R&B, these voice experts representextraordinary vocal performance. The Stouxingers have won fans at concerts and a cappellafestivals throughout Europe and Asia plus numerous awards throughout Europe, including theContemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA), the Grammy of the a cappella scene.


“The German vocal jazz-pop-soul-folk group, Stouxingers, makes some of the most mesmerizingand compelling music on the planet.” -- Thomas King, CASA Ambassador

Kurt Rosenwinkel Standard Trio



Kurt Rosenwinkel has always given us music that has conveyed a sense of masterful story-tellingand breathtakingly imaginative reach. His significance in the ever-evolving jazz tradition, in fact,transcends the oft-cited lineage of jazz guitar in much the same way that Thelonious Monk andWayne Shorter impacted colleagues far beyond the scope of their respective instruments.


”Rosenwinkel’s music represents the sound of the future, just as bebop once did.” -- Howard Reich,Chicago Tribune

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