2011 Lineup Eng

  • Teddy Suen and Friends | Hong Kong

    Teddy Suen graduated at the G.I.T. and studied composition and arrangement at The Grove School of Music. As a professional guitarist, Suen has played and toured for the last 3 decades, and now the consultant and producer for several record companies in Hong Kong. As an educator, Suen has more than 20 years of teaching experience, and many of his students now became professional musician, teacher, artist and composer, taking major role in the music business here in Hong Kong.

  • Trads & Corps Amateur Marching Band|Hong Kong

    Trads & Corps Amateur Marching Band (TCA) was established in the year of 2001 by Mr. Joseph YU LUNG SANG. The objective is to gather and associate a group of people who are enthusiastic in music. It aims to provide a platform where members can learn about the order of life through marching practice and to discover their own talent, especially for teenagers. In 2003 and 2004, the band gave performances in the Marching Band Gala, took part in various performances in Woodwinds Festival in Macau, a Parade to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to the Mainland and guest performance in the announcement of SuperGoo Concert of HOCC. The band has been invited to perform in the joint school concert organized by Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School and Voyage de Musique organised by Holy Trinity College.  TCA has gained four Golden Medals and two Silver Medals in the Hong Kong Marching Band Competition from 2005 to 2010.

  • Trio d'en Bas| France

    High-brow Music from Low-brow France

    Arnaud Rouanet | Tenor saxophone, Clarinet, Sampler, Voice

    Samuel Bourille | Piano, Keyboards, FX, Voice

    Yoann Scheidt | Drums, Percussions, Trombone, Voice


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    A culmination of this trio’s artistic projects, Trio d’en Bas was formed in 2003 to play “high-brow music for low-brow France” or simply, music that has been labeled yet is hard to describe.


    Over the past five years, they have done concerts in their original trio form and hybrid forms born out of collaborations with other artists such as music and circus, music and theater, music and painting, music and dance, music and video...


    Their music is definitely jazz influenced yet unclassifiable; a joyful mix of original compositions with sudden improvisations, angry political outbursts and unexpected humor, not to mention, the “revisitations” of borrowed themes from the annals of jazz, French pop and sometimes even international pop music.


    Winner, Jazz Migration Contest, 2010 Conferred by the AFIJMA (the Association of Innovative Jazz and Contemporary Music Festivals) and the FSJ (Federation of Jazz Venues)


    “It’s a patchwork of styles: Johann Strauss follows Frank Zappa without fear, a lyrical Albert Ayler and Gato Barbiere flirting with the delicious Keith Jarret harmonies on the piano. It’s Uzeste school of Bernard Lubat in all it’s magnificence.” -- Philippe Mezia , Jazzmag, 2010





  • Uncle Hung | Hong Kong

    Yuen Che Hung, better known as Uncle Hung(雄仔叔叔)is the founder of No Hurry Story Workshop. In the past 17 years he has been writing and telling stories for children, and adults. He runs workshops to capture children’s creativity so that they come to understand their own power to create. He also runs workshops for adults and himself to learn to let go. He has written 8 children’s picture story books, and is a regular contributor to magazines and newspaper in areas of creative writing. He now is the facilitator of a project called “City Legend(傳說我城)”organized by The Bookshop which stage a monthly storytelling session open to the public at the Arts Centre. He has also just finished a Solo performance in june this year, titled “Bread and Black roses----Poems on Generational Relay”, a personal epic portraying the social struggles of the past 30 years in HK. He has Ah Kok doing live music in this performance.

  • VII|Hong Kong

    Lego Shum | Drums

    arWai Chan | Bass

    Ricky Wong | Piano

    Kenny K C Lin | Saxophone

    Hei Kwok | Trumpet

    Lap Wang Li | Trombone

    Don Yeung | Guitar


    VII was formed by seven magnificent young players, whom met and get acquainted at the Live House ‘Visage’. The band adapted the soul and funk genres and developed a distinguish sound of their own.

  • Wilson Lam Trio| Hong Kong

    Generation X

    Wilson Lam | Guitar

    Chan Kam Ming | Bass

    Anna Fan | Drums

    Jazz guitarist and Musicians Institute graduate Wilson Lam has been performing, composing and producing music since the age of 18. He has worked with the likes of Michael Bregman, Gunther Schuller, Tan Dun, local heroes Eugene Pao and Ted Lo as well as the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra and New York University Symphony Orchestra.


    For the HKIJF 2011, he will be hooking up with bassist Scott Dodd and drummer Andy Gander, both of whom are thoroughly learned and dedicated educators of music. These two have collectively worked with such greats as Kenny Wheeler, Ernie Watts, John McLaughlin, Nicholas McBride and local guitar-virtuoso Eugene Pao.


    Whatever comes out of this trio should prove aurally even pleasing, maybe even surprising as they mine their own experiences and cultural backgrounds for musical inspiration in their jazz tour de force.

  • The Young Cats Quartet| Hong Kong

    Almond Yeung |Drums

    Lau Hiu Tung | Guitar

    Daniel Lo | Piano

    Wong Tak Chung | Bass


    Founded in summer 2010, Young Cats Quartet is a local group which plays various styles of jazz/fusion music. Since its foundation, the group has participated in various performances and is active in the local pop/jazz music scene. It plays not only for the general public in hotels, functions, weddings, malls and concert halls, but also for acute listeners of fine jazz. The group has been frequently hired for regular and one-time engagements at different major jazz venues in town such as Peel Fresco, the Melting Pot, Backstage Live Restaurant and Cali Cali.

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