2011 Lineup Eng

  • Irene Atman|Canada

    A Time for Love

    Irene Atman | Vocalist

    Michael Shand |Piano

    Lee Hutchinson | Bass

    Mike Brushey | Drums


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    Although sounding like a young Ella Fitzgerald crossed with Karen Carpenter and Barbara Streisand, the Toronto born Irene Atman has earned respect from some of the toughest jazz critics of New York. She has appeared on the same bill as Tony Bennett and Mel Torme and performed with big names like Guido Bass and Dave Young. She is an accomplished pianist with a great love for classic jazz.


    With her quiet confidence and unique style, she has won the hearts of fans from New York to Asia with her renditions of some of the best jazz standards. Atman’s progression into the retro/pop scene is a natural evolution of this talented singer, composer and producer. Atman has been in the studio recording material for her upcoming third CD for release in 2012. The album will be a mix of originals and covers in a very cool retro vibe with a contemporary touch, which perfectly describes and personifies Atman’s style.


    Irene Atman is a step above the others and should be heard.



    Website: http://www.ireneatman.com

  • Kurt Rosenwinkel Standards Trio| USA

    21st Century Guitar Stories

    Kurt Rosenwinkel | Guitar

    Eric Revis | Bass

    Justin Faulkner | Drums



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    Kurt Rosenwinkel has always given us music that has conveyed a sense of masterful story-telling and breathtakingly imaginative reach. His significance to the ever-evolving jazz tradition, in fact, transcends the oft-cited lineage of jazz guitar in much the same way that Thelonious Monk and Wayne Shorter impacted colleagues far beyond the scope of their respective instruments.


    This one-time sideman in Joe Henderson and Gary Burton’s bands has spent most of his career perfecting an aerodynamic yet pensive style.  In the last decade, he has released a string of some of the most potent and original records that celebrate his status as “a 21-century innovator of new music.”



    “There is a streak of otherworldliness in his playing, but also a sense of deep familiarity.”
    --Nate Chinen, The New York Times

    Rosenwinkel’s music represents the sound of the future, just as bebop once did.”--Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune




  • Logic| Australia

    Crossing All Boundaries

    Glenn Cannon | Guitar

    Tim Wilson | Saxophone

    Ben Vanderwal | Drums

    Dane Alderson | Bass


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    Basically classic sax-centric and backed by a fusion guitar, modern and very melodic bass playing and rock-steady yet colourful druming, this Melbourne based quartet has been presenting us with their thoroughly enjoyable version of jazz/fusion/world music since their inception in 1999.


    The compositions of Glenn Cannon and Tim Wilson stem from diverse musical influences, including jazz, drum ‘n’ bass, Latin, classical, folk and pop music. This ensemble has supported international acts such as The Yellowjackets, and has performed throughout Australia and South East Asia at major jazz festivals including the Java Jazz Festival (Indonesia), Mosaic Music Festival (Singapore), Melbourne International Festival of Jazz, Electric Jazz Festival and the Ultimate Drummers’ Weekend.


    Between them, they have toured, performed and recorded with various artists and ensembles including Ray Charles, Incognito, Jerry Lewis, Hugh Jackman, Michael Bublé, James Morrison, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Olivia Newton John, Human Nature, Mike Nock, and Bobby Shew.


    Website: http://www.logiconline.net


  • Maria João & Mário Laginha| Portugal

    A Voice Supreme

    Maria João | Vocals

    Mário Laginha | Piano



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    Maria João expresses lifetime stories, her roots and her passion for jazz by singing, inviting audiences to experience vivid and joyful rhythms combined with romantic melodies.


    She is known for her vocal flexibility and improvisational skills. Her music incorporates an eclectic mix of folk/ethnic music, modern jazz, and the avant-garde, amazingly transforming delicate musical structures into tones, words and whispers.


    Maria João & Mário Laginha met in 1983, made their first record and have since performed hundreds of concerts in Portugal and abroad and made more than 10 excellent records together playing, fundamentally, the music that they like and want to do, often revealing the cultural influences of the countries where they have been playing in – India, Africa, Brazil.


    In 2008, they regrouped to make their commemorative album “Chocolate” of their 25-year career with a set of standards and original songs.




  • The McCadden Place Collective | Hong Kong


    Joe Lung | Drums

    David Ma | Bass

    Stephen Chan | Guitar

    Kenneth Angus |  Guitar


    Established in 2007, The McCadden Place Collective is a pool of funk cats that plays anything from standards to groove jazz.  The members each spot an impressive resume and carries at least a decade of experience performing in all imaginable situations.

  • Mdungu|Africa/The Netherlands

    Out of Africa

    David Beukers | Tenor saxophone, Vocals

    Job Chajes | Baritone saxophone

    Frank Gones| Guitar

    Michiel Bel | Guitar

    Merjin van de Wijdeven | Bass, Ska Specialist

    Ebou Gaya Mada| Sabar | Vocals

    Benoit Martiny | Drums

    Ruben Montes | Percussions

    Thijs van Milligen | Alto Saxophone



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    Mdungu is a nine-piece band based in Amsterdam. The musicians come from Holland, Luxembourg, Spain and Gambia, perform their music with skill, flair and energy that is irresistible to any audience. African music by Mdungu is a strong musical experience: it funks, it grooves, it moves your feet and feeds your soul. The percussion is dazzling, the melodies enchanting and the vocals, captivating, creating a chemical reaction that makes people start dancing and romancing.


    Mdungu was founded in 2003 by alto saxophonist Thijs van Milligen. From the start Mdungu was a most welcome guest on international stages and festivals of world music, pop and jazz scenes. After the release of their debut album in 2009, they toured intensively in Holland and abroad.


    "One of the year’s undisputed highlights so far. A joy from beginning to end. Diverse, funky, challenging and fresh."  --Fly Global Music Culture, UK


    "Such craftmanship. Simply brilliant!"  -- RifRaf Magazine



    Website: http://www.mdungu.com


  • The MICHEL BISCEGLIA Trio|Belgium

    Piano Vanguard

    Michel Bisceglia | Piano

    Werner Lauscher: double bass | Double Bass

    Marc Lehan | Drums



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    Pianist, composer and arranger Michel Bisceglia is one of the most important and most vigorous musicians from Belgium. In 1996, at the age 26, he started his current trio that on their CD “About Stories” (RCA Victor) had the privilege to work with Randy Brecker and Bob Mintzer. Since 1997, he’s recorded only three CD's with his trio but has played in world-famous jazz festivals such as the Rochester International Jazzfestival (USA), the Guimaraes Jazz Festival (Portugal) with Dewey Redman and the Ulverston Music Festival in UK. The three CD’s are one after the other masterpieces; exercises in subtilized meditations on intangible melodies.


    A typical characteristic of Michel Bisceglia is his working with artists outside the jazz world. In a coproduction with DJ Buscemi a new album was recorded with live ensemble. This album was released in September 2008 on Blue Note Records.


    “Michel Bisceglia’s artistry, prowess and vocabulary at the piano delivers a well versed slant on the traditions of modern jazz. He has taken an astute look at all the masters of his instrument and developed a uniqueness all his own. I highly recommend the Michel Bisceglia trio. Our audience loved him.” --John Nugent, Rochester International Jazz Festival



    Website: http://www.michelbisceglia.com/

  • Nguyên Lê’sSaiyuki| France/Japan/India

    Journey to the Soul

    Nguyên Lê | Guitar

    Mieko Miyazaki | Koto, Shamisen, Vocals

    Prabhu Edouard | Tablas, Percussion


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    The Japanese title means "Journey to the West", which in this case indicates a journey. The resulting music changes its cultural centre of gravity; sometimes it's north India, sometimes it links Japan and San Francisco. A truly egalitarian grouping, their music is co-composed by all three players who dip into the wellsprings of their individual cultures to create a repertoire that's transcendent in its beauty and cultural cross-pollination, supporting the old adage of music as the international language.


    For over twenty years, Nguyên Lê has collaborated with a growing cadre of like-minded musicians—mostly Paris-based, where the guitarist of Vietnamese origins resides—building a body of work that is, in the truest sense of the word, "world music." Lê has carved out a unique space—often fusion-like in its electricity and energy, but avoiding the negative connotations; undeniably jazz-centric, too, but largely avoiding overt references to traditionalism.


    Nguyên Lê is a masterful, inventive player who has cultivated a wholly unique voice on the intsrument, he ranks right up there with Frisell, John Scofield, Mike Stern & Allan Holdsworth in the post-Hendrix world of jazz guitar. «  -- Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

    With his distinctive approach to exploring and integrating music from around the globe, Lê continues to impress with his fine playing, astute collaborative choices and personal vision.” --John Kelman, All About Jazz



    Website: http://www.nguyen-le.com/Site_Nu/Bonjour.html

  • Paul Augustin| Malaysia

    Founder and director of the Penang Island International Jazz Festival. Paul has been involvedin various fields of the Entertainment business for more than 30 years. In 1996, Paul, together with Ms Chin Choo Yuen established The Capricorn Connection - an Event & Venue Management Company managing and coordinating a wide range of events. The conceptualization of the idea of a Festival on an island began in 1996 and eight years after thatin 2004, the dream of the Festival was realized with the start of The Penang Island Jazz Festival. He is a Founder member of the Asian Jazz Festival Organisation and has acted as Advisor for anumber of Events and Festivals throughout Malaysia.

  • The Pegasus Vanguard Marching Band

    | Hong Kong

    The Pegasus was founded by Mr. Ringo Leung Wing Kit, Mr. Leo Kwok Man Chiu and Ms. Eyo Li in January, 2010, with Mr. Steve Ulicny, the judge of Drum Corp and the International Educational and marketing consultant of the Pro-Mark to be the band consultant. The aim of the Pegasus is to promote Marching Band culture, in order to more HK citizens know more about it. The Pegasus also provides a platform to let students who are learning instruments to develop their professionals and interests in music. The Pegasus has won the Gold Medal of the first group of Hong Kong Marching Band Contest, and was invited by Malaysia to join the International Marching Band Competition in July, 2011.

  • Peter, Lee Kai Kwan |Hong Kong

    Founder and President of Hong Kong Jazz Association.


    Peter has more than 20 years’ experience in journalistic area and has become a jazz promoter since 1985; a jazz educator since 1993.  He was the promoter for the Live Under the Sky Jazz Festival in 1987.  Since then, he has been involved in many jazz and music festivals, such as being the Associated Program Director of the Jarasum Jazz Festival, Korea (2004-2007), founding member of the Asian Jazz Festivals Organization, Associated Program Director for Midi Music Festival in Beijing, China (2006), Founder and Director of Zhu Jia Jiao Water-Village World Music Festival (2007 & 2008), Founder and Festival Director of the Beishan International Jazz Festival 2010, Zhuhai, Founder and Festival Director of the Haikou Jazz Party 2010, Festival Director of the Guangzhou International Jazz Festival 2009-10, Festival Director and Consultant for the Beishan World Music Festival in Zhuhai 2011.  Peter is dedicating in jazz education.  Not only being a member of International Association for Jazz Educator from 1999 to 2008, he was the Lecturer on pop and jazz music for Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the University of Hong Kong and the Baptist University of Hong Kong, as well as being a Lecturer of the HKUSPACE program since 2002.  He also had a jazz music program in Guangzhou Radio 3 in 2003.  Peter has also been invited as guest at the Jazz in a Nutshell showcase 2007 and 2008, Jazz Ahead conference in Bremen, Germany 2009 and the Europe Jazz Network annual conference in Glasgow, UK 2009, the Dutch Jazz meeting in 2008 and Dutch Jazz & World Meeting in 2010, among others.

  • Poncho  Sanchez  and His Latin Jazz Bandfeaturing Terence Blanchard| USA

    CUBANo BE! CUBANo BOP! --Tribute To Chano Pozo and Dizzy Gillespie

    Poncho Sanchez | Lead Vocals, Congas, Percussion

    Terence Blanchard | Trumpet

    Tony Banda | Bass, Vocals

    Ron Francis Blake | Trumpet

    Joey De Leon, Jr. | Bongos, Percussion, Drums

    Rob Hardt | Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone

    George Ortiz | Timbales

    David Torres | Piano

    Francisco Torres | Trombone, Vocals


    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    Poncho Sanchez & Terence Blanchard, with the backing of the Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band, have created a hot new project: Cubano Be Cubano Bop, a tribute to the legacy of the Original Conga King, Chano Pozo and his partner in Latin Jazz, Dizzy Gillespie.


    In the late ‘40s Chano Pozo was at the top of his game. His rhythms descended from the ceremonies of his AfroCuban religion - Santeria. With Dizzy Gillespie, their 1947 Carnegie Hall concert literally changed the face of musical history and the course of American Jazz. Chano & Dizzy had created AFRO -CU BAN JAZZ, writing the standards, “Manteca,” “Tin Tin Deo,” and their performances on George Russell’s “Cubano Be, Cubano Bop” burst the genre onto the musical map in a major way. PONCHO SANCHEZ & TERENCE BLANCHARD have put together a program that recreates that seminal concert; the Afro-Cuban standards, their own compositions and fresh new collaborations.


    Five-time Grammy Winner Terence Blanchard (born 1962) is an American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, composer, arranger, and film score composer. Since he emerged on the scene in 1980 with the Lionel Hampton Orchestra and then shortly thereafter with Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, Blanchard has been a leading artist in jazz. He was an integral figure in the 1980s jazz resurgence having recorded several award-winning albums and having performed with the jazz elite. He is known as a straight-ahead artist in the hard bop tradition but has recently utilized an African-fusion style of playing that makes him unique from other trumpeters on the performance circuit. However, it is as a film composer that Blanchard reaches his widest audience. His trumpet can be heard on nearly fifty film scores, more than forty bearing his unmistakable compositional style. Since 2000, Blanchard has served as Artistic Director at the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz.


    Poncho Sanchez (born 1951), a Mexican-American, is a conguero (conga player), Latin jazz band leader, and salsa singer. In 2000, Sanchez and his ensemble won the Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album for their work on the Concord Picante album Latin Soul. Sanchez is respected as one of the top American percussionists of our time. He performs frequently in venues varying in size from concert halls to local jazz festivals. His 2005 CD, Do It!, features the iconic funk band Tower of Power on two tracks as well as South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela.





  • Ronny Lau | Hong Kong


    Ronny Lau is a wine-loving music critic and music-loving wine critic. He started both his music and wine columns in 1980s. He is now a free lance writer, with regular columns in 10 different magazines and newspaper in Hong Kong, mainland China and Malaysia. He is the Chairman of Greater China Wine Critics Association and the author of 5 wine books: "In Love with Wine," "Le Dialogue du Vin," "Around the Wine World," "All About Wine" and "It's a Wine, Wine World." The latest project "Music & Wine - The Perfect Matching," is a 6-CD compilation box set pairing music with wine. He is also a tutor for wine courses operating by Hong Kong Vocational Training Centre and Institute for Tourism Studies in Macau

  • RUM| Hong Kong

    Tong KH | Guitar

    Cheng CC | Guitar

    Alex Au | Piano

    Ah Sai | Bass

    Steve Cheung | Drums

    Li Gao Yang | Saxophone


    Found by Alex Au and KH Tong in 2004, playing regularly at the 48th street Chicago Blues Bar, and member has participated at the Hong Kong Jazz festival 2005. Alex Au has been studying traditional music, majoring in composition, has written music for all sort of works from orchestra, chamber, film, dance, and multi-media presentation. He has studied with Ted Lo on improvisation. Guitarist KH Tong is a multi-instrumentalist, grown up with all kind of music from classical, metal, jazz to contemporary music. Now an active player as well as music educator. This time they have a very special guest from Beijing, Li Gao Yang, the young talented saxophone player.

  • RUSCONI| Switzerland

    Return of the Bad Boys

    Stefan Rusconi | Piano

    Fabian Gisler | Bass

    Claudio Strüby | Drums


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    Rusconi Trio, who stormed the world at the Jazznojazz Festival in Zurich, 2006, was immediately praised as “The New Discovery” and was hailed as the new Esbjorn Svensson Trio after his passing in 2008.


    Their music is harmonic and warm without appearing sterile while expressing an interplay of disunity and aesthetics.  Stefan Rusconi’s piano impresses with his rhythmic elegance and captivating harmonic magic.  They are young, fresh, stylistic, and innovative - but above all they are simply great performers. The trio is said to be the future of jazz.


    Their new album “It’s a Sonic Youth Life” is inspired by the music of Sonic Youth, one of the most influential indie rock bands.  Rusconi will be showing a new side without loosing their own distinctive sound in this exceptional project, continuing to lift the European Jazz scene to a higher level.






  • Santi Wongsawat| Thailand

    Santi Wongsawat, the director of International Jazz Festival Alliance Foundation (IJFAF) and the director of the Samui International Jazz Music Festival. The IJFAF is an initiative of foundation JazzNL. This foundation alreay succesfully initiated the Day of Dutch Jazz (www.jazzdag.nl), a professional network and showcase event with morethen 1000 Dutch and international jazzprofessionals. In 2011 Foundation JazzNL initiated anew event (www.jazznl.com), Gateway to the Dutch jazz network. The first edition drew morethen 600 professional and musicians with official delegations from Canada, USA, Norway,Italy, Spain, Kosovo, Russia, Siberia, Thailand, Taiwan and a large delegation of more than 35 professionals from India.

  • Simin Tander Quartet| The Netherlands

    Silence Language

    Simin Tander | Voice, Composer

    Etienne Nillesen | Drums

    Cord Heineking | Double bass

    Lucas Leidinger | Piano

    The Simin Tander Quartet represents a new sound in the European jazz landscape: mysterious, surprising, rhythmically varying and tenderly beautiful but at the same time strong and very pointy. This German-Afghan leader of the quartet sings “stories without words,” purely using her voice and a very broad palette of sounds. Besides her richness in sounds, she also uses contemporary lyrics in different languages and sometimes even creates her very personal “fantasy language.” Expressive, free improvisation united with delicate singer-songwriter elements with a hint of oriental mysticism are characteristics of her style. The Simin Tander Quartet reveals four creative musicians that form a very well balanced union; each with his own voice and ability to express it within Simin’s compositions.



    “Music is an almost sacred space in which I can be ME,” says Miss Tander.


    “A unique talent among young jazz vocalists.”--Sheila Jordan,AmericanJazzIcon


    “Simin Tander is not a regular jazz singer. Her performance leans towards to art...She distinguishes herself from every other singer because she combines guts and initiative with her versatility and close to perfect control of her voice to make herself stand out way above the others.”--Rinus van der Heijden,Chief Editor of Jazzenzo





    SIU2| Hong Kong

    The Chinese Alchemists

    Ng Cheuk-yin |Sheng, Keyboard

    Cass Lam | Sanxian

    Jason Lau | Zheng

    Peter Fan | Piano

    Siuming Chan | Bass

    Lawrence Tsui | Drums


    SIU2, a locally bred band, presents a novel experience of Hong Kong music with their original and unique style. Their works challenge people’s inherent concept about Chinese music and create a new genre fusing modern and traditional, Chinese and western elements. SIU2 has been creating innovative new music that, with its eclectic fusion of colourful and sometimes bizarre city soundscapes, produces the band’s unique and unprecedented style that flows effortlessly through jazz, rock, classical Western and Chinese themes. SIU2 is a post-modern harmony that epitomizes Hong Kong.


    Through invitation by the Hong Kong Arts Festival, SIU2 performed their original music in a concert titled Sheng It Up in 2008 and published their first album OPEN DOOR in the same year. In April 2010, SIU2 staged two concerts of Sheng It Up 2 and released the new album KonFusion.


    Website: http://www.flowermusic.hk/

  • Stouxingers| Germany

    The A-capella Experience

    Katharina Debus | Vocals

    Michael Eimann | Vocals

    Gregorio Hernández | Vocals

    Karsten Müller | Vocals

    Thomas Piontek | Vocals

    Konrad Zeiner | Vocals


    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    Creating more than just their own mix of Pop, Jazz and R&B, these voice experts represent extraordinary vocal performance. The Stouxingers, founded by Michael Eimann, their composer and arranger, have won fans at concerts and a cappella festivals throughout Europe and Asia.


    The group ranks among the top a cappella ensembles from Germany, enchanting juries of such international competitions as “Vokal Total” in Graz (AT), winning two “Ward Swingle Awards” and three “Golden Diplomas” (Jazz, Pop, and Open Category) as well as the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA), the so-called Grammy of the a cappella scene.


    “Six Voices”, a song from the Stouxingers album “Nothing is Real”, was the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award (CARA) winner of "Best Jazz Song of the Year" in 2008. The album itself was selected as the second best Jazz album of the year worldwide in 2009 the group recorded a soundtrack for the film “Mensch Kotschie”. An a cappella symphony is also in the works, as well as a jazz version of Handel's “Messiah” in collaboration with the Klazz Brothers.



    “The German vocal jazz-pop-soul-folk group, Stouxingers, makes some of the most mesmerizing and compelling music on the planet.” --Thomas King, CASA Ambassador


    “Germany's Stouxingers have come sizzling out of the Manhattan Transfer tradition with a verve I haven't heard from an American group in years. The songs are hot, the blend locks and the solos are superb… The swing is omnipresent, yet it varies to suit the mood of each number.” -- Thomas King, the Recorded A Cappella Review Board (RARB)



    Website: http://www.stouxingers.de

  • Ted Lo and The Jazz Strings Ensemble
    with special guests Justin Lo, Elaine Liu, Marsha Yuen, Howard McCrary

    Hong Kong / USA

    1Pic_Ted Lo & the Jazz Strings Ensemble01(edit)
    3Pic_Ted Lo & the Jazz Strings Ensemble_Justin Lo(edit)
    4Pic_Marsha Yuan 1
    Jazz Strings is the Thing

    Ted Lo | Piano

    Jack Greminger | Drums

    Scott Dodd | Bass

    And the vocalists and the jazz strings ensemble


    Berklee educated local jazz hero and pianist Ted Lo has performed with Joe Lovano, Tania Maria and the Ron Carter Quartet, among other greats. He is also a composer, arranger, songwriter, and producer in genres other than jazz.


    Ted Lo, has been living and working in New York for many years, returned to Hong Kong in 1995 and has since emerged as the most prominent local jazz pianist. His musical talent is impeccable and his timing, always accurate. He is the motor that keeps HK jazz moving to this day.


    This time round, he will be arranging a full program featuring promising young vocalists mixed with veteran singer from the States, establishing itself as the largest jazz string-ensemble programs in Hong Kong’s history. This exercise should definitely be interesting.



    Howard McCrary| USA

    Howard McCrary is a Grammy Nominee, recipient of The ASCAP Duke Ellington Award, has recorded and worked with such artist as Quincy Jones , Michael Jackson,  Nina Simone, Ringo Starr, Diana Ross, and Julio Iglesias to mention a few. He has also appeared in such movies as Tom Hanks’ Lady Killers and composed and performed with Jose Carreras and the Beijing Orchestra for China's Green Peace, Hear My Plea. As well as composed the first song in the world to be sung by one million VStar Children called Change The World.


    Elaine Liu | Hong Kong

    Elaine is Hong Kong’s premier and most in-demand jazz vocalist. Her smoky, alluring voice can be heard regularly on radio and television, jazz venues, as well as concert halls. She has also played and toured in China and represented Hong Kong in both Singapore, Taiwan Jazz Festivals. She is also the first vocalist in Hong Kong who performed with the legendary Duke Ellington Orchestra in 2010. Elaine Liu is that rare artist who is supremely talented across a range of creative interests. But her deepest love is reserved for her career as an Asian jazz singer, who has found her own voice and brings the sensibilities of both east and west to bear in an entirely original way.


    Marsha Yuan| Hong Kong

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Marsha Yuan studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in Manhattan, New York.  While attending AMDA, she trained in singing, acting, and various types of dance including jazz, tap, and ballet.  Marsha has participated in many musicals in Hong Kong including “Sound of Music”, “Annie”, “Hong Kong Nocturne” and “Musical Moments”, and was invited to perform in the “Andrew Lloyd Webber Gala” in Estonia.  She released her own album in 2006 and has been in the live jazz music scene ever since.


    Justin Lo | Hong Kong

    Lo was born in Syracuse, New York, and moved to Hong Kong with his parents when he was two years old. Lo grew up in a family where music has always played an important role. His uncle, Ted Lo, is a famous music arranger and jazz pianist in Hong Kong. The singer song writer developed vast interest in music as he was growing up. Justin released his debut CD in 2005 and filled up the Hong Kong Coliseum in 2006 with 3 shows.  Justin just needs one year to go from his first album to the live shows in HKC, which many singers need a life time to achieve. After receiving various awards and performed countless concerts in the last few years, Justin decided to leave Hong Kong, and resided in Beijing for another musical journey.



    1st Violin

    Ayako Ichimaru

    Doris Yip

    Daniel Chan

    Sophia Teng

    Cai Ying Qiong

    Louie Lai Lai

    Eiko Hosaka

    Yang Yu Si

    2nd Violin

    Le Hoai Nam

    Winty Wan

    Tsai Loo

    Alvin Chan

    Jasmine Pang


    Jonathan Yuen

    Luo Wei Min



    Elvis Chan

    Cas Ho

    Cecilia Ho

    Fung Siu Man

    Otto Kwan

    Raymond Han


    Laurent Perrin

    Monica Su

    Karey Ho

    Eric Yip


    Justin Siu

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