2011 Lineup Eng

  • Ad Lib Music & Art Association (AMA) | Hong Kong


    Franky Ngai | Violin

    Ivy Pei | Keyboard

    HoMan Mok | Guitar

    J Kin | Bass

    The workshop starts with band playing a few popular songs and explains the structure and form to the audience.


    Then some small percussion instruments will be distributed to the audience, showing them how to play the rhythm and sing along with the band. And main goal is to show them the beauty of improvisation.


    As we believe children is the best story-teller, and the workshop will show them a way to restore the imagination and creativities inside their mind, which will be thinning out once they receive formal education and training.


    Tunes that will be featured in the workshop include Old Mcdonald, Twinkle Twinkle little stars, 星光 (多啦A夢)、小丸子, etc.
  • Ah Kok | Hong Kong

    Ah-Kok Wong, studied Music Technology in Leeds Metropolitan University, England. Now doing Master of Cultural Stuides in Lingnan University, Hong Kong. A Composer, Cultural Critique, Music Tutor, Broadcasting DJ, an Activist and guitarist from the band Pusshitachi, that plays rock, soul, blues, jazz, and experiemental music. Spokesman of an organization Revitalization Independence  Partnership, countering the government's scheme which leads to the destruction of grassroot art spaces.

  • Alexandre Cunha's Group| Brazil

    Surprising Brazilian Rhythms through Inventive Drumming

    Alexandre Cunha | Drums

    Bruno Coppini | Electric Bass

    Ricardo  Cren | keyboards

    Marcelo Valezi Fernandes | Saxophone, flute


    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    Alexandre has been a professional drummer for 22 years. He lived in Germany from 1994 to 1997 and played in the best jazz clubs. Back in Brazil, he started the Brazilian Duet. He also hosts an editorial section in a drum magazine - Modern Drummer Brazil, and writes on www.drummerszone.com. His debut record, Batepapo, became one of the top ten CDs of 2005 in Smoothjazzandmore.


    In 2008, he released a DVD about drum soloing and his band was the first Brazilian group to play at the Shanghai International Jazz Festival and later released a DVD of this performance, Live in Shanghai.


    Alexandre Cunha’s passion for drums inspired his father to create the brand that carries the name of the family, and today, is known as one of the best drums in the world; the Odery Drums.


    “As soon as I began watching his video, I knew that the Brazilian Drumming Duet was something special. Ramon and Alexandre communicate their love for drums and for Brazilian rhythm and music, clearly and powerfully.” --Chuck Silverman (famous US drummer)


    “Alexandre Cunha, an endlessly inventive master-drummer, drives this music with a light but forceful touch. Even listeners who are not particularly attracted to so-called world music will be pleasantly surprised.” -- Budd Kopman, All About Jazz


    Website: http://www.alexandrecunha.mus.br


  • Amsterdam Klezmer Band| The Netherlands

    Balkan Fun with Gypsy Punk

    Job Chajes | Alto Sax, Raps

    Jasper de Beer | Double Bass, Banjo

    Alec Kopyt | Vocals, Percussion

    Gijs Levelt | Trumpet

    Joop van der Linden | Trombone, Percussion

    Janfie van Strien | Clarinet

    Theo van Tol | Accordion


    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    The Amsterdam Klezmer Band was formed in 1996 by Job Chajes as an Amsterdam street band to play klezmer music (a 19th Century Eastern European dance music for weddings and parties). Almost fifteen years and eight albums later, these seven musicians have now become perfectly tuned to each other. They also have an international reputation for playing live (with their blend of klezmer, sak, Balkan, punk, gypsy, jazz, and more) and attract a wide-range of followers.


    On their album Remixed, they even make the crossover to dance music. They can play any stage and often do so far beyond the Dutch border: from New York and Moscow to Paris and Hamburg. A recent milestone is their latest album Zazara, which is the first to consist entirely of their own compositions. Their next album, Katla, released in early 2011.


    “… they borrow freely from jazz, gypsy music and European folk [… sounding] familiar to fans of gypsy-punk. Their improvisational skills are well-developed and generally impressive, [often making listeners] get up to get down alongside the shimmying college kids.” -- C.T. Heaney, Popmatters



    Website: http://www.amsterdamklezmerband.com/

  • Antanas Gustys | Lithuania

    Founder, artistic director and producer of Vilnius Jazz Festival , Director of Public Institution "Vilnius Jazz Festival", Board member of the Europe Jazz Network General Assembly since 2007. Europe Jazz Network is an association of European producers and presenters who specialisein contemporary jazz and improvised music. EJN was formed in 1987, and as of today, the EJN membership includes 78 organisations (festivals, clubs and concert venues, independent promoters, national organisations) in 24 European countries.


    Founded in 1987, Vilnius Jazz is the oldest annual jazz festival held in Vilnius. It is an exceptional event in Lithuania, providing a broad perspective on contemporary trends in jazz from all overthe world. Over the years Vilnius Jazz has earned a reputation of a radical avant-garde festival oriented towards novelty and limit-stretching creativity. The stylistic boundaries of jazz and free improvised music are often crossed and expanded here by offering joint projects with musiciansfrom the academic, ethnic, rock and industrial music backgrounds.

  • Aseana  Percussion Unit (APU)| Malaysia

    Colours of Rhythms

    Edwin Nathaniel | Conventional Drums, Backing Vocals

    Kirubakaran | Indian Percussions, Backing Vocals

    Chan Kham Chien | Chinese Instruments

    Jude Fernandez Theodore Fernandez | Bass, Backing Vocals

    Sirisena David Victor | Vocal, Light Percussions

    Zain Bin Mohd Yunus | Saxophone, Flute, Vocals

    Mohd Kamrulbahri Bin Hussin | Malay Percussions, Serunai

    Mohd Shafic Aminuddin Bin Hussin | Malay Percussions

    Philip Robert S Anthonysamy | Congas, Surdo, Djembe

    Sanjiv Daevin | Keyboards, Violin, Light Percussions


    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    The Aseana Percussion Unit is a percussion unit that was formed in 1998 when 4 guys got together with the thought of experimenting on blending the sounds and rhythms of different types of drums and percussions.

    The group has since then grown to 10 highly skilled percussionists and musicians. Often backed by a keyboard and bass, the other ‘instruments’ used are, generally, the Brazilian Surdo, Indian Tabla and Taviel, Malay Kompang and Gendang, the Chinese Drum and Erhu, the Trinidadian Steel Pan, the African Djembe and common household appliances.

    If you think the drum is just an instrument that makes a lot of noise - then you haven’t had the experience of watching an APU performance. The extraordinary musical properties of each instrument are skillfully explored and combined as a whole and the effect is extraordinarily beautiful.


    Website: http://www.apu.com.my


  • Atsuko Yashima | Japan

    Atsuko Yashima has been the producer of the Tokyo International Jazz Festival since its launch in 2002. Atsuko is a senior producer of NHK Enterprises, an affiliate company of NHK, Japan's public broadcast. She has produced various international cultural events represented by Tokyo Jazz Festival, Festival France Glamour, International Robot Contest, Marche de Noel de Strasbourg in Tokyo, and many more.


    As the producer of Japan’s largest jazz festival, Atsuko is now mainly in charge of planning, booking and artistic direction of the event. The theme of the festival is “beyond borders” and “beyond generation”. As well as inviting variousinternational and domestic artists, she has also focused on creating international exchange projects introducing music from various countries working with the local community. Tokyo Jazz Festival will mark its 10th year in 2011.


    Recently, Atsuko has also produced Marche de Noel de Strasbourg in Tokyo, in aim to introduce the genuine Christmas culture from Europe and has gathered over 600,000 people in 2010

  • Bianca's Song|France/Hong Kong


    The Royal Ballard

    Bianca Gallice | Vocals

    Benjamin Rando | Piano

    Florent Briqué | Trumpet

    Simon Tailleu | Bass

    Cédrick Bec | Drums

    Luce Goffi | First Violin

    Julian Chan | Violin

    Samuel Kwok | Viola

    Tan Cong | Cello

    This new project of Bianca Gallice, one of the most famous and original young French singer, will be presenting traditional and famous French songs arranged into the classical-jazz outfit. Accompanied by Florent Briqué, who has brought along a team of young French talents, Bianca’s Songs will collaborate with local Chinese string-musicians who will be conducted by first violinist Luce Goffi. Bianca is currently recording two jazz and pop albums in 2011 for “Musique et Music” besides singing in a lot of different venues.



    “Bianca is just incredible...” – JAZZART


    “You have to discover this fabulous voice” -- NightJazz


  • Bjorn Solli Trio|Norway/Australia

    Norwegian hood

    Bjorn Solli | Guitar

    Steinar Nickelsen | Organ

    Nick McBride | Drums


    Norwegian guitarist/composer, Bjorn Solli, now based in New York, was voted "Young Jazz Musician of the year” in 2002 and has since won numerous awards throughout Europe, including soloist prizes in Belgium, Monaco and Spain, audience prizes in Switzerland and Spain and, a composition prize in France. With his trio SOLID, he has released 3 critically acclaimed CD’s distributed worldwide.


    In the last decade or so, Solli’s collaborations have taken him to places like China, Nepal, India, Calaifornia, Australia and Ireland. In New York, he’s played at Dizzy’s Club, Smalls, The Bitter End and with people like Marcus Strickland and Seamus Blake. Bjorn has also opened for The Manhattan Transfer, Anthony Hamilton, Peter Gabriel, Robert Plant and Jean Luc Ponty.


    Website: http://www.myspace.com/bjornsolli

  • Chico and the Gypsies| France

    Jahloul “ Chico” Bouchikhi | Guitar, Vocals

    Mounin | Guitar, Vocals

    Christophe Baliardo “Kema” | Lead Guitar

    Alain Bourguet “Babato” | Guitar, Vocals

    Jean Farre “Tane” | Guitar, Vocals

    Joseph Gautier | Guitar, Vocals

    Jean Claude “Moinin” | Guitar, Lead Vocals

    Jean Pierre “Rey” | Guitar, Vocals

    Antoine Ballester “Tony” | Guitar, Vocals

    Eric Lafont | Drums

    Julio Font | Piano and Keyboard

    Ben Chaa | Percussion


    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    The Gipsy Kings founder and a self-taught guitarist, Jahloul "Chico" Bouchikhi, formed Chico and the Gypsies (made up of musicians from Arles and Montpelier) in the early 90’s, and quickly gained widespread recognition, selling more than two hundred thousand copies of their debut album, Vagabundo. Chico also serves as a special envoy for peace for UNESCO.


    Through their fusion of Flamenco and Rumba Catalan, this band’s addictive brand of Spanish Gypsy swing music has been able to sometimes put audiences into a euphoric or almost trancelike state while gyrating to their very danceable beat.


    Besides having performed to a full house in Hong Kong  in the 90’s, the band has also played in France, India, China and South Korea, all the way entrancing audiences with their mesmerising vocals and moving guitars.


    Website: http://www.chico.fr/chico

  • Dainius Pulauskas Group| Lithuania

    A Powerful Pulse of Lithuanian Fusion

    Dainius Pulauskas | Keyboards

    Valerijus Ramoška | Trumpet, Flugelhorn

    Rimantas Brazaitis | Tenor Saxophone

    Kestutis Vaiginis | Alto & Soprano Sax

    Leonid Sinkarenko | Bass

    Linas Buda | Drums


    Dainius Pulauskas Group was formed in 1994 and debuted as a quintet but, by 1996, had evolved into a sextet and before long became one of the most significant Lithuanian jazz groups and winning international acknowledgement. Over the years, DPG has performed a lot in Lithuania and in a number of European countries as well as in jazz festivals in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and USA.


    The Finnish jazz critic R. Haapsamo called their music “a powerful pulse of the modern jazz.” The Swedish critic Bo Levender states that "Pulauskas, together with his colleagues creates the best fusion as it can be.”


    Dainius Pulauskas Group is characterized by their use electronic and acoustic instruments to create a very eloquent music space; a very peculiar version of fusion.



    The group was awarded GRAND PRIX in “Yesterday - Parnu  ‘99” international contest (Estonia).

    D.Pulauskas got “BRAVO” nomination as the best jazz player in Lithuania in 1998.

    D. Pulauskas was awarded GRAND PRIX in “Birstonas Jazz’ 2000” festival (Lithuania).

    The group was awarded GOLD DISC 2001 (Lithuanian Musicians Union), (Lithuania).

    LT IDENTITY 2004 Award - Dainius Pulauskas Sextet for the promotion of Lithuanian Jazz.

    “Vilnius Jazz” Festival Award for contributions to the Lithuanian jazz culture, 2010.





  • Deafaids| Hong Kong/USA

    The Experimentalist

    Charley Huntley | Saxophone

    Bob Mocarsky | Keyboards

    Jack Greminger | Drums

    Peter Scherr | Bass



    Peter Scherr is an American bassist/composer/musical strategist living in Hong Kong. Scherr pursues musical excellence and inspiration in areas of unique interest. His current focus is the realization of creative music concepts. One of his long-term goals is the establishment of a common practice of creative music in China, drawing on the talent of the most interesting improvisers from around the world.


    In a richly varied career spanning more than twenty years, Scherr has held positions with symphony orchestras, written music for film and documentaries and performed widely in jazz and experimental music settings with many distinguished artists.


    Scherr has appeared on many recordings and is the founder of the 1 Hour Music label which produces creative music recordings. 1 Hour Music currently has nine titles available and is planning the release of several new titles in 2012.



    “... It is clear that a great deal of thought and care went into the reinvention of these tunes... Fans of jazz, rock and folk will thoroughly enjoy this trio’s clever work.” -- Brad Walseth, JazzChicago.net (about the album Jazz In The Stone Age)

  • Emil Viklicky Trio| Czech Republic

    Emil Viklicky | Piano

    Cyril Zelenak | Drums

    Petr Dvorsky | Double Bass


    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    Born 1948 in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia, Emil Viklický started playing piano quite early. While a student, he spent much time playing jazz piano which led to his now lifelong devotion to music. In 1974, he won best soloist at the Czechoslovak Amateur Jazz Festival and got first prize from the Monaco Music Conservatory in 1976. In 1977 Emil was awarded a scholarship to study at the Berklee College of Music.


    He has worked with various ensembles performing Moravian folk music, modern jazz and contemporary music. As a pianist, Emil often performs in international ensembles alongside U.S. and other European musicians. He has made frequent appearances in much of Europe, USA, Japan, Mexico, Israel and elsewhere.


    As a composer, Viklický has attracted attention from abroad and also composes “straight-ahead” modern jazz, chamber and orchestral works as well as film music and TV series.



    “One of the best contemporary pianists, … a good deal in common with fleet, tasteful pianists like Tommy Flanagan, Jimmy Rowles and Bill Charlap.”-- Doug Ramsey, Jazz Times


    “Combine elements of Bud Powell and Oscar Peterson with a deep infusion of Moravian soul and you have Emil Viklický, the patriarch of Czech jazz piano.” --Jack Massarik, Evening Standart, London



    Website: http://www.viklicky.com/


  • Eric Vloeimans’ Gatecrash|TheNetherlands

    The Prince of Badness

    Eric Vloeimans | Trum

    Lucas Leidinger | Pianist

    Gulli Gudmundsson | Bass, Effects

    Jasper van Hulten | Drums


    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    Dutch trumpeter Eric Vloeimans, one of Europe's best, prefers recording originals on his many award winning CD's although he can also be heard performing others. Vloeimans started in classical music but got sucked into jazz and later, graduated with distinction in 1988. He continued his studies in New York under Donald Bryd and gained experience with the big bands of Frank Foster and Mercer Ellington. This multi-award winner has played with jazz figures from Holland, the US, Germany and quite a few others (e.g. Michiel Borstlap, John Taylor, Marc Johnson, Nguyen Le, Lars Danielson and Jimmy Haslip).


    His quartet, Gatecrash, inspires visions of breaking boundaries and crashing through barricades with reckless abandon. Their electronic sound, infused with delicious Fender Rhodes textures and effects, is captivating as Vloeimans’ trumpet provides companionship through it all.


    “Vloeimans plays crisp and self-assured, embodying the articulate melodism of Clifford Brown plus many shades of Miles, without being imitative” -- JazzTimes


    “An accomplished storyteller, Vloeimans refuses to restrict himself to any 'Particular melodic format or sonic texture.’” --Ernest Barteldes, Miami New Times


    Website: http://www.ericvloeimans.com/


  • Estudiantina Ensemble |Cuba

    The Danzon Revival

    Ricardo Bekema "Arístides" | Lead vocals, Guitar

    Oscar Lorient Vedey “Papitín” | Lead vocals, Small percussions

    Pedro Luís Pardo Cosme “El Chamba” | Tressero

    Leo Martís “Pantaléon” | Second guitar

    Alexander Rodriguez Cala |Trumpet, Percussions

    Eric Wijngaarde “Derecho de Nacer”| Lead voca l Percussions

    Ernesto Paz Rivero| Vocals, Bass



    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    Singer/guitar player Ricardo "Aristides" Bekema founded the Estudiantina Ensemble in dedication and preservation of danzon music in the Estudiantina tradition from Santiago de Cuba in east Cuba. Estudiantina groups were formed by students who roamed the streets and local festivities, played the popular version of danzon during the late 19th century.


    In addition to the vocals, this style uses two guitars, the tres-guitar, bass, trumpet or flute, claves, guiro, maracas and traditional pailitascubanas.


    In 2007, the ensemble received an invitation from Buena Vista Social Club member Eliades Ochoa to play at the prestigious “Festival de la Trova Pepe Sanchez” in Santiago de Cuba. They were performing on the legendary stages and in front of the camera's of the Cuban State Television and an ecstatic Cuban crowd.


    Website: http://www.estudiantinaensemble.nl

  • Freddy Cole Quartet| USA

    I’m Not My Brother

    Freddy Cole | Piano, Lead Vocals

    Randy Napoleon | Guitar

    Curtis Boyd | Drums

    Elias Bailey | Double Bass


    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    The youngest brother of Nat King Cole, Freddy learned and played piano at six, and probably is the last crooner alive today. His vocals -- suave, elegant, formidable, and articulate -- are among the most respected in jazz history.


    He doesn't apologize for sounding like his brother, Nat "King" Cole, and there are certain unmistakable similarities; he plays piano and sings and performs live with a guitar and upright bass, just like Nat yet his voice is raspier, smokier, jazzier even. But he has emerged from the awesome shadow cast by his elder brother. In truth, his phrasing is closer to that of Frank Sinatra or Billie Holiday and his timing swings a little more.


    Freddy's career continues to ascend as he has moved into the front ranks of America's homegrown art form with a style and musical sophistication all his own that has made him one of the most expressive male jazz singers of his generation, if not the best alive.



    “Freddy has an impeccable sense of swing... he is, overall, the most maturely expressive male jazz singer of his generation, if not the best alive." -- The New York Times


    Website: http://www.freddycole.com/

  • Gao Hong Zhang & ACID Live|China/UK/Malaysia

    Ethnic Funk and Hip Hop

    Gao Hong Zhang | Vocal

    Zhang Zhang | Keyboards

    Liu Yang | Bass

    Wen Xiang | Guitar

    Da Wei | Drums

    Chew Weng Yeow | VJ

    Christopher Cook | DJ


    Born of the Yunnan “Yi tribe” in 1978, Gao Hong Zhang graduated from the University of Music in Dali and devoted a good number of years to the Yunnan music scene. In 2005, his debut work “Dancing Vegetable Man” won him wide media acclaim. His performance at the Smithsonian American Culture and Arts Festival was reviewed by the “Finland National Report” as being “with unique ideas and innovative, artistic singer with a most charismatic personality.”


    More a collective than traditional band, ACID Live’s five official members reflect the range of cultural flavors in Beijing’s arts and music scene. You might hear a twisted wa-wa version of the Mission Impossible theme morph into blues before dissolving into an ocean of ambient electronic crackles. If a ‘60s-style counterculture ever takes off in China, this fusion of Beijing’s musical voices will provide the soundtrack.


    Website: http://www.douban.com/artist/acidlive

  • Ginger Kwan| Hong Kong/USA/The Philippines

    Red Hot Ginger Pepper

    Ginger Kwan | Vocal

    Dan LaVelle | Guitar

    Bernard Carpio | Saxophone

    Jezrael Lucero | Keyboard

    Ray Vaughn Covington | Bass

    Robbin Harris | Drums



    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    Hong Kong native Ginger Kwan is one of Hong Kong’s most sought-after performance and studio-session singers with a culturally diverse upbringing. She is renowned for her modern interpretations of traditional Chinese and Mandarin songs that have touched audiences of all ages and ethnicity through her many local appearances.


    Appearing regularly on newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, Ginger is becoming an icon of the local arts scene. Ginger Kwan has worked side-by-side with some of Hong Kong’s most famous artists such as Kenny Bee and Michael Wong.


    Accompanied by her current line-up of locally based musicians, the group will present, in its most cutting-edge form, soul, R ‘n B and more.


    Website: http://ww.gingerkwan.com.hk

  • Girls In Airports| Denmark

    Passport Free Zone

    Martin Stender | Tenor & Soprano Sax

    Lars Greve | Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone Sax & Clarinet

    Victor Dybbroe | Percussions

    Mathias Holm | Keyboards

    Mads Forsby | Drums



    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    Girls in Airports is made up of five male musicians, who mix indie-soul, world, afrobeat and Indian raga with cool Scandinavian tones. With their line-up of two horns, keyboards, drum and percussions ensures a free flowing form that can be both dynamic and forceful without being locked too tight in a groove. This young instrumental band received excellent reviews and also won a Danish Music Award for the Best Jazz Crossover CD release. Their music captures the moment through their steamy rhythm, droning saxophones and a contagious energy that allows the music to just be.



    “Considering the young age of the band and the fact that this is its debut (Girls in Airports), the achievement of Girls in Airports becomes all the more remarkable. This is an album that cannot only be rated among some of the finest new releases in Danish jazz, …” --Jakob Baekgaard, allaboutjazz.com






  • In The Country| Norway

    Body And Ghost

    Morten Qvenild | Piano

    Roger Arntzen | Double Bass

    Pål Hausken | Drums


    Download Video:MP4, HTML5 Video Player by VideoJS


    In The Country belongs to no musical world as their music contains inspiration from a lot of different genres.


    Best known for being the orchestra in Susanna and the Magical Orchestra, Morten Qvenild has been a member of both Shining and Jaga Jazzist and is a long term member of Solveig Slettahjell’s Slow Motion Orchestra. He formed In The Country with bass-player Roger Arntzen and drummer Pål Hausken at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo in 2003.


    Since then, they have been selected best young jazz artists in Norway, played concerts in Europe, USA and Asia and, released three albums and a concert to much critical acclaim. Downbeat called their debut album “one of the finest and most arresting albums to come out of Europe,” and their latest album “Whiteout” was voted one of the “Best Releases of 2009.”


    Website: http://www.myspace.com/inthecountrytrio


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