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Hong Kong International Jazz Festival 2012


[Hong Kong, 28 August 2012] After years of effort, Hong Kong International Jazz Festival had become one of the significant international events. The production, size and line up of the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival made a breakthrough in history in Hong Kong. This year, the Festival will be held from 7 October to 12 October. With the full support from our main sponsor, Pizza Express, renowned jazz musicians from the United States, Australia, Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, Serbia and Croatia, alongside with young generation in Beijing and representatives of local elites will have featuring concerts at various stages to create an unparalleled experience for our audiences. 


The theme of the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival 2012 is ‘Re-discovery  - Jazz into the future’. The featuring artists carry on with the spirit of jazz, in being innovative, explorative and most of all, creative, bringing today jazz to a more diverse level

The audiences will witness the regeneration and being heavily impacted by the transformative power of music. In addition, the audiences have the opportunity to participate in the music with renowned jazz musicians in the workshops.


A total of thirteen performances with well-known jazz musicians from more than twelve countries will bring such world-class music performances to local jazz lovers.


Li Gao Yang Quartet,China/USA/Australia

Named as “next generation jazz leader”, 18-year-old Saxophonist LI Gaoyang came from Beijing. He has rich experience of improvisation with a strong personal style. He is good at playing the tenor and high tone of saxophone, and involved in designing the saxophone accessories. He also provides various saxophone playing courses. He will join hands with America born and Hong Kong based cellist Bass player Peter Scherr, pianist Jim Schneider and Australian drummer Cameron Reid to perform at the opening concert  on October 7.


Eliane Amherd Trio, Switzerland/USA/Canada

The amazing Swiss born and New York based guitarist Eliane Amherd will also performance at the opening concert. She is not only a guitarist, but also an executive producer, writer and singing. Her music is a combination of pop and jazz music. Eliane has been praised as “hope for the future” by the American media.


Jacob Karlzon Trio, Swenden

Jacob Karlzon’s music resides in the intersections where Scandinavian expressions such as space, melancholy and sensitivity blend with heat and passion. He won the Jazz in Sweden award and was voted Newcomer of the Year by Swedish Radio.

Jacob has been also named as the successor of E.S.T. In fact, Jacob and E.S.T. are both come from Sweden.


EYOT, Serbia

EYOT is formed by 4 Serbians in 2009. Once they established, they become a well-known jazz group in the world. Their music represents the musicians hungering for a fresh sound, blending the culture of jazz, the sophistication of classical piano, the gritty elements of East European folk music, and just a hint of smooth electronic fusion. In 2010, they released their debut album “Horizon” and received much recognition. Many domestic and international festivals followed later. This time, they will bring the world class music at the opening concert.


Alex Fung Cello Quartet (Hong Kong)

Alex Fung is one of the most famous all round musician in Hong Kong musician. For the Hong Kong International Jazz Music Festival 2012, he will compose a new cello quartet suite and feature with Japanese musician. Alex attempts to explore into unique blend of Chinese sonical elements with Electronics Jazz Music , resonated from the old traditional poetic rhymes. 


Butterscotch, USA

Came from American and got a great performance at "America's Got Talent", Butterscotch is a singer/beatboxer who incorporates her musical background of piano and guitar. After performed with music legends Chick Corea and George Benson, Butterscotch was recognized as an internationally top-notch artist. As special feature artist at the Montreux Int. Jazz Festival in July, she was highly praised by the executive producer of Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones. And sure will lead us to a brand new musical journey to be talk about years after.


 Luca Ciarla Quartet, Italy

Luca Ciarla is one of the most creative and surprising violinists in today music world. His music easily transcends the boundaries among genres to trace an innovative musical path, in perfect balance between written compositions and improvisation. His unique style has led him to successfully perform in countless festivals and concert series in more than 30 countries.


Wouter Hamel, Netherlands

Wouter Hamel is a Dutch jazz singer. He released 3 albums, including ‘Hamel’, ‘Nobody’s Tune’ and ‘Lohengrin’. Hamel is a famous artist in Netherlands and his songs reached on the chart in Japan and Korea. His popularity is similar to another jazz idol, Jamie Cullum. His fans all over Asia are definitely waiting for his first performance in Hong Kong.


Diego Figueiredo Trio, Brazil

Praised by George Benson and challenged by Pat Methney, Diego Figueiredo is a Brazil guitar player. His performance should be an enjoyment for all guitar lovers around the world. A gem not to be missed.


The Jimmy Cobb, Larry Coryell, Joey DeFrancesco All Star Trio, Legendary Jazz move forward  - USA

Legendary jazz drummer, Jimmy Cobb, is the elder statesman of all the incredible Miles Davis bands. He is also the musician of the best-selling jazz album of all time, Kind Of Blue. All star trio is formed by Jimmy Cobb, the pioneer of jazz rock in 1960s Larry Coryell and the best Hammond B3 gigs players Joey DeFrancesco. The stars of jazz are coming to celebrate the spectacular past of jazz as well as its future.


Ines Trickovic Sextet, Croatia

This is a special project initiated by Ines Trickovic and some of the most respected jazz musicians of the new generation in Croatia. At the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival, they will perform the most famous Croatian composer Zdenko Runjic with the contemporary and jazz music outfit.


Signe Juhl Quartet, Denmark

Signe Juhl is born in Denmark. Critics claim her to be the new rising star on the Danish jazz scene. Her voice will recall your first love and bring you to the fairy-land of H. C. Andersen.


The Buzz Bros Band, Holland

After their raved performance at the Hong Kong International Jazz Festival in 2009, this Dutch jazz quartet The Buzz Bros Band will be back again this year for encore. The start of 2012 marked a next step in the development of the band, in introducing a new rhythm section with a more funky approach. They are ready to rock the closing party on 12.


Prior to the fantastic jazz performances, there is a "Jazz Photo Exhibition” by ZigaKoritnik. ZigaKoritnik was born in Slovenia and had started his photographic career since 1987. He is not only a famous photography in his own country, but also familiar to Europe and America. Despite jazz musicians, he also likes to take photos for portraits and landscapes. He had employed by the national television for more than a decade. His works are published at various magazines and websites, such as Time out, Jazz Times, Jazzize, Village Voice, All the About the Jazz, the Jazz Notes, Down Beat and so on.


Like past years, we will organize various music workshops, including exploring the jazz with children by Uncle Hung Jai; Sharing his music composition experience by multi talent artist Alex Fung, and revealing her deep secrets in the skills of the Beat Boxing by the  Butterscotch.

All workshops are free admission. As the seats are limited, we work on a first-come-first-served basis.


“The theme of this year is breaking new ground, new morning and new outlook, while experiencing the globalization of jazz in different outfit. Most of the artists are born after 1970s and already got themselves a name around the world, keep the legacy moving forward. Both the veteran fans and jazz upstart should able to find their favorite music here and there, thereby have a peak into the future trend, enrich our global horizon in the jazz way.” says Festival Director Peter Lee.


Hong Kong International Jazz Festival

7-12 October 2012




Time and Venue



13 Sept. to 12 Oct

Pizza Express

(Free admission)

Jazz Photo Exhibition by

Ziga Koritnik


7 Oct , Sun

1:30 – 3:00pm

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Piazza C

(Free admission)

Workshop –


poem and improvisation,

Uncle Hung

Hong Kong

3:00 – 7:00pm

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Piazza C

(Free admission)

Opening concert –

Li Gao Yang Quartet

Jacob Karlzon Trio

ElianeAmherd Trio



China/ USA/Austria




8 Oct, Mon

9:30 – 11:00pm

Pizza Express

($250 incl. one drink and snack)

Ines Trickovic Sextet


9 Oct, Tue

5:30 – 6:30pm

KUBRICK, Broadway Cinematheque

(Free admission)


Word, string and symphonic poem, Alex Fung


Hong Kong

9:30 – 11:00pm

Pizza Express

($250 incl. one drink and snack)

Signe Juhl Quartet


10 Oct, Wed

5:30 – 6:30 7:00 pm

KUBRICK, Broadway Cinematheque

(Free admission, onsite registration)

Workshop –

children poem and improvisation, Uncle Hung Jai


Hong Kong

7:30 – 10:15pm

Hong Kong City Hall

(Ticket price: HK$150, 220, 320)


Alexander Fung & His Cello Quartet



Hong Kong/ Japan




11 Oct, Thurs

5:30 – 6:30pm

KUBRICK, Broadway Cinematheque

(Free admission, onsite registration)

Workshop –

Butterscotch on Beat boxing




7:30 – 10:15pm

Hong Kong City Hall


 HK$150, 220, 320)


Luca Ciarta Quartet


Wouter Hamel




12 Oct, Fri

7:30 – 10:15pm

Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Concert Hall


HK$120, 220, 320)


Diego Figueiredo Trio


The Jimmy Cobb, Larry Coryell, Joey DeFrancesco All Star Trio




10:30 – 12:00pm

Pizza Express

Closing Party(By Invitation only) –

Buzz Bros band



* Programme subject to be changed.


Ticketing Information

Date: 8-9 Oct, Monday and Tuesday

Time: 9:30pm

Pizza Express

Tickets: HK$250 with 1 standard drink and finger food

Ticket available at Pizza Express Ocean Terminal shop from 15 September 2012


Date: 10-11 Oct, Wednesday and Thursday

Time: 7:30pm

Hong Kong City Hall, Theatre

Tickets: HK$150, 220, 320

Discounted Tickets: HK$176, 256


Date: 12 Oct, Friday

Time: 7:30pm

Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Concert Hall

Tickets: HK$120, 220, 320

Discounted Tickets:HK$176, 256


Discounted tickets offer for full time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above and disabled person only.


Tickets for above concerts are available at all URBITX outlets from 1 Sep 2012.


Program enquiry5406 7257

Mon-Sat  12:00-8:00pm

Credit card reservation hotline:2111 5999


Internet Booking:

Ticketing enquiries:2734 9009

Hong Kong International Jazz Festival official


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