Trio d'en Bas | France

High-brow Music from Low-brow France

Arnaud Rouanet | Tenor saxophone, Clarinet, Sampler, Voice

Samuel Bourille | Piano, Keyboards, FX, Voice

Yoann Scheidt | Drums, Percussions, Trombone, Voice


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A culmination of this trio’s artistic projects, Trio d’en Bas was formed in 2003 to play “high-brow music for low-brow France” or simply, music that has been labeled yet is hard to describe.


Over the past five years, they have done concerts in their original trio form and hybrid forms born out of collaborations with other artists such as music and circus, music and theater, music and painting, music and dance, music and video...


Their music is definitely jazz influenced yet unclassifiable; a joyful mix of original compositions with sudden improvisations, angry political outbursts and unexpected humor, not to mention, the “revisitations” of borrowed themes from the annals of jazz, French pop and sometimes even international pop music.


Winner, Jazz Migration Contest, 2010 Conferred by the AFIJMA (the Association of Innovative Jazz and Contemporary Music Festivals) and the FSJ (Federation of Jazz Venues)


“It’s a patchwork of styles: Johann Strauss follows Frank Zappa without fear, a lyrical Albert Ayler and Gato Barbiere flirting with the delicious Keith Jarret harmonies on the piano. It’s Uzeste school of Bernard Lubat in all it’s magnificence.” -- Philippe Mezia , Jazzmag, 2010







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