Girls In Airports | Denmark

Passport Free Zone

Martin Stender | Tenor & Soprano Sax

Lars Greve | Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone Sax & Clarinet

Victor Dybbroe | Percussions

Mathias Holm | Keyboards

Mads Forsby | Drums



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Girls in Airports is made up of five male musicians, who mix indie-soul, world, afrobeat and Indian raga with cool Scandinavian tones. With their line-up of two horns, keyboards, drum and percussions ensures a free flowing form that can be both dynamic and forceful without being locked too tight in a groove. This young instrumental band received excellent reviews and also won a Danish Music Award for the Best Jazz Crossover CD release. Their music captures the moment through their steamy rhythm, droning saxophones and a contagious energy that allows the music to just be.



“Considering the young age of the band and the fact that this is its debut (Girls in Airports), the achievement of Girls in Airports becomes all the more remarkable. This is an album that cannot only be rated among some of the finest new releases in Danish jazz, …” --Jakob Baekgaard,




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