Ginger Kwan | Hong Kong/USA/The Philippines

Red Hot Ginger Pepper

Ginger Kwan | Vocal

Dan LaVelle | Guitar

Bernard Carpio | Saxophone

Jezrael Lucero | Keyboard

Ray Vaughn Covington | Bass

Robbin Harris | Drums



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Hong Kong native Ginger Kwan is one of Hong Kong’s most sought-after performance and studio-session singers with a culturally diverse upbringing. She is renowned for her modern interpretations of traditional Chinese and Mandarin songs that have touched audiences of all ages and ethnicity through her many local appearances.


Appearing regularly on newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, Ginger is becoming an icon of the local arts scene. Ginger Kwan has worked side-by-side with some of Hong Kong’s most famous artists such as Kenny Bee and Michael Wong.


Accompanied by her current line-up of locally based musicians, the group will present, in its most cutting-edge form, soul, R ‘n B and more.



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