Ad Lib Music & Art Association (AMA) | Hong Kong


Franky Ngai | Violin

Ivy Pei | Keyboard

HoMan Mok | Guitar

J Kin | Bass

The workshop starts with band playing a few popular songs and explains the structure and form to the audience.


Then some small percussion instruments will be distributed to the audience, showing them how to play the rhythm and sing along with the band. And main goal is to show them the beauty of improvisation.


As we believe children is the best story-teller, and the workshop will show them a way to restore the imagination and creativities inside their mind, which will be thinning out once they receive formal education and training.


Tunes that will be featured in the workshop include Old Mcdonald, Twinkle Twinkle little stars, 星光 (多啦A夢)、小丸子, etc.

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