Bianca's Song | France/Hong Kong


The Royal Ballard

Bianca Gallice | Vocals

Benjamin Rando | Piano

Florent Briqué | Trumpet

Simon Tailleu | Bass

Cédrick Bec | Drums

Luce Goffi | First Violin

Julian Chan | Violin

Samuel Kwok | Viola

Tan Cong | Cello

This new project of Bianca Gallice, one of the most famous and original young French singer, will be presenting traditional and famous French songs arranged into the classical-jazz outfit. Accompanied by Florent Briqué, who has brought along a team of young French talents, Bianca’s Songs will collaborate with local Chinese string-musicians who will be conducted by first violinist Luce Goffi. Bianca is currently recording two jazz and pop albums in 2011 for “Musique et Music” besides singing in a lot of different venues.



“Bianca is just incredible...” – JAZZART


“You have to discover this fabulous voice” -- NightJazz




Announcement on Programme Change : Owing to unexpected circumstances, a main member of ‘Jazz Organix ‘ has left town and the program on 15 October will substituted by ‘Heidi Li Quartet’.

節目變動通告:由於不可預計的情况,“爵士Organix”的一名主要成員已離開香港,1015日的節目將由“ Heidi Li Quartet”代替。


* The presenter reserves the right to change the programme, artists as well as seating arrangements and audience capacities should unavoidable circumstances make it necessary.  如遇特殊情況,主辦機構保留更改節目、表演者,以及座位編排和場地容納觀衆數目的權利。

*Due to the epidemic situation, program might have to be changed at the last min notice, please stay tune with for the latest update.


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