Tommy Ho Trio, HKG


Tommy Ho 何永堅, guitar
Johnson Ho何灼熙, Hammond organ電風琴
Anthony Fernandes, Drums

Special Guest特別嘉賓 Joses Lui 廖鳴兒J, Vocal/聲樂


Tommy Ho, being one of the most renowned music icon in Hong Kong, plays multiple roles in the Pop music industry, educator as well as a veteran jazz guitarist. Tommy started playing guitar at the age of 11, and felt in love with jazz 3 years later. After playing folk music at music lounges for 3 years, the saving allowed him to go to MIT and Dave Grove College of music, and studied with the masters like Joe Pass, Larry Carlton and Joe Diorio to name a few.
After returning back to Hong Kong, he became very active in the music business playing the roles of recording artist, arranger, and record producer for various major labels in Hong Kong, producing countless records and top hits for all the Pop singers and artists for a period of 16 years. Artists he had worked with including Leslie Cheung, Leon Lai, Jackie Cheung, Andy Lau to name a few.


Tommy Ho何永堅,本地少數資深音樂人。十一歲開始彈結他,十四歲時便迷上爵士樂後。三年零八個月的酒廊民歌生涯儲得學費,往美國西岸MIT 及 Dave Grove音樂學院學習,有幸跟隨大師如Joe Pass, Larry Carlton 及Joe Diorio等學藝。回港後全身投入音樂創作及演奏,先後替在各大唱片公司為旗下歌星作編曲,錄音室樂手及唱片監製等工作長達十六年,合作過的歌手巨星不計其數,包括有張國榮、黎明、張學友、劉德華、蘇永康、許志安、鄭秀文、楊千嬅等等。此外,Tommy亦致力於音樂教育,曾創辦‘Contemporary Music Academy’音樂學院,與及個人教學工作。


Joses is a Chinese pop jazz sensation born and bred in Hong Kong. Training under the tutelage of acclaimed Tony Carpio, Christine Samson and Krystal Diaz, Joses has refined her craft. Graced with an inviting, elegant, tender voice, coupled with an enticing beauty, her singing keeps audiences mesmerized.

“J for Jazz” - Joses’s debut album is an amalgamation of various Chinese pop classics, including "Bygone Dance Song", "The Feeling on the 4th Night", "Kiss Sensation". In collaboration with producers / arrangers, Ted Lo and Justin Siu, Joses lends her alluring sensibilities on these eclectic, handpicked selections and reinterprets them in a jazz fashion.  


廖鳴兒J - 在香港出生及成長的爵士歌手。在亞洲著名爵士樂手Tony Carpio、星級歌唱導師 Christine Samson 和 Krystal Diaz 專業培訓及指導下,J 的歌藝日趨成熟。J 迷人、優雅、溫柔的歌聲令觀眾迷醉,在樂壇亦備受矚目,她將引領聽眾一同走上其獨特的音樂旅程。首張個人專輯 "j for jazz" 結合了香港流行經典曲目包括 <昔日舞曲>、<第四晚心情>、<吻感>,由資深爵士音樂人Ted Lo 與 Justin Siu 編曲及監製, J 誘人的歌聲及她對音樂的獨特觸覺,重新演繹這些著名樂曲。



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