NTBM-not-to-be-missed-, HKG/UK


Tjoe Man Cheung 朱文長guitar
Scott Murphy, tenor sax 
Angelo Ruel, trumpet
Nate Wong黃彥康, drums
Tom Wong 黃浩輝,  bass


NTBM (Not-To-Be-Missed) is an original international jazz collective led by Tjoe Man Cheung, a Hong Kong native guitarist and composer, and formed by emerging musicians from around the world. The group aspires to compose original jazz and perform globally.

Tjoe unites Eastern and Western musicians on the stage to facilitate cultural exchange. The fusion of cultures result in interesting improvisation and experimental music conversation on the stage, which indeed epitomises the essence of jazz. From Asia to Europe, NTBM brings groovy urban jazz music that creates by string instrument, brass instrument and percussion presented by dynamic line-ups.


2018年最具話題性的爵士樂隊,由音樂家朱文長(Tjoe)所帶领演奏原創曲目,五人樂團的陣容以雙管樂编曲為核心帶來極為爆炸性的現場感有如把觀眾帶到六十年代美國紐約市中漫遊,團長Tjoe形容為城市爵士(urban jazz),因為每一個城市都有它的獨特性,而香港也有於自己的聲音...





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