Veronica Nunes & Ricardo Vogt, Brazil


Veronica Nunes, ukulele烏克麗麗

Ricardo Vogt, guitar結他

John Abraham, Drums --Special gues


原藉巴西現居紐約的 Veronica Nunes出生在音樂世家,在巴西傳統及古典音樂中長大,15便成職業樂手。在巴西著名音樂學院 EPM修讀聲學及cavaquinho(巴西ukulele) ,2009年移居約並加盟了巴西大樂隊 Brazooka。在此期間認識了天才橫溢的結他手 Ricardo Vogt,除一起製作了Nunes的首張唱片外,並經常合作到各地巡演。除演出外 Nunes還熱心教學,曾在印度著名音樂學院Swarnabhoomy任教。


A native of Rio de Janeiro, Veronica Nunes grew up in a musical environment and performed professionally at the age of 15. She studied voice as well as guitar and cavaquinho ( Brazilian version of the ukulele) at the Brazilian music school EPM, and moved to New York in 2009 and became a member of the famous Brazilian band, Brazooka. During this period she met the talented Brazilian guitarist Ricardo Vogt and started the music journey. In 2013, along side with Ricardo, Veronica released her debut album Pra Fugir da Saudade.  Besides performing, Veronica is also an educator. She has done several music workshops around the world as well as taught at the well known Swarnabhoomy Academy of Music in India.


同是在音樂極為普及的巴西出生,Ricardo Vogt在Antonio Jobim等的樂曲中長大。在往波士頓Berklee就讀期間已光芒四射,著名鋼琴手Eliane Elias在首次和他合奏後便當場招攬於隊中,灌錄唱片外並一同到世界各地巡演。不久,Esperanza Spalding聞風而至亦把 Vogt收為成員,合作灌錄的唱片更連取兩個格林美獎項。結他品牌 Godin為Ricardo度身訂造及命名了一款結他,特點是設有一條低音頻的弦線,具有極其獨特及原創的聲音。


With a Brazilian groove that will catch anyone’s attention, Ricardo Vogt is grabbing everyone’s ears. Born in Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil, Vogt was fortunate to grow up surrounded by the sounds of Antonio Carlos Jobim and Elis Regina. While studying at Berklee, Ricardo became an endorser for Godin guitars and has had the honor of performing with incredible musicians, including Rosa Passos, and Eliane Elias whom upon hearing Ricardo hired him on the spot. Soon after, Vogt was invited by Esperanza Spalding to join her band and the recording “Chamber Music Society” featuring Ricardo Vogt’ won two Grammy awards. The guitar used by Ricardo was developed by Godin Guitars exclusively. Not long ago Godin Guitars also developed a cavaquinho for Veronica Nunes.

The return of the duo after last year’s successful performance at our festival, is a real treat to the audience who happen to miss them. 

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