Jolie Chan & the Great Gatsby Band, Hong Kong

Jolie Chan- Vocal

Justin Siu – Bass / MD

Mike Kurtz - Trumpet

Kwok Wing Hei - Trumpet

Wang Li- trombone

Kenny Lin - Alto Saxophone

Tom Nunan - Tenor Saxophone

Rudy Balbuena -Bass

Lawrence Tsui - drums

Ricky Wong – keyboard


陳逸璇是一個多才多藝的藝人, 她與李克勤合唱的經典金曲<合久必婚> 成為了她的名作。她經環球唱片公司發佈了兩張語流行專輯,亦有參與各電視劇和電影演出,最為人熟悉的是在張智霖主演的<勝者為王>飾袁菲一角及在<提防老千>飾演張家煇的女朋友 。後來她寄情於作曲及爵士樂,更於伯克利音樂學校和上海的 JZ 學校進修音樂。在2015年,她參演了音樂劇<小甜甜>, 更被邀請到上海爵士音樂節演出。今年Jolie的焦點是聯同她的樂隊 15/20灌錄唱片,把他們創作的流行音樂帶到世界各地。

Jolie Chan is a multi-talented artist. After graduating from Tufts University in Boston, she immediately made an impact as she signed with Universal Records and debuted her career with her hit duet with Canto pop star Hacken Lee. Release 2 canto-pop albums and starred in various TV dramas and movies. In recent years, she has devoted herself to song writing and singing jazz, studied at  the Berklee School of Music and the JZ School. In 2015, she starred in the musical Little Sweetie and begins her involvement in the world of theatre.  She was also invited to perform at the Shanghai Jazz festival in 2015 and is the lead vocalist for the various Big Bands in Hong Kong. Now, Jolie is focusing in recording her album with her band 15/20, which will be released in 2016.

音樂監製Justin Siu九學習中提琴及得獎無數,在劍橋大學修讀電腦科技。在音樂方面的發展,是在從事了電腦科技工作多年後才開始的,但拿起的樂器則是大提琴。自此 Justin便全身投入音樂工作,除彈奏爵士樂外,還積極地在古典、電聲、電腦科技及多媒體演出方面發展而取得佳績。

Musical Director Justin Siu started learning classical cello at the age of 9, garnered awards during his youth, attended the University of Cambridge, from which he obtained his M.A. in computer science, ironically under a music award, his real pursuit for music did not begin until years later when the former computer geek put down the keyboard and picked up the double bass instead. His new course soon brought him acclaim as a jazz bassist, having collaborated with many renowned local and foreign jazz artists, and paved way for his pioneering vision on creative projects that bring classical music, jazz, electronic music, computer technology and multimedia visuals together.

The Band's foundation is a collection of some of the most meticulous jazz arrangements, penned entirely by their pioneering musical director, who then whizzes everything together with a contemporary touch. It is jazz alchemy and is extraordinary to listen to, to watch and to experience. Having performed at major events in Hong Kong, Macau and China, the Band has recently cemented its place in the live music scene by being featured in a month-long series of performances at the IFC, showcasing its signature musical prowess to an ever wider audience.

由十位資深的本地樂手,在監製及領班 Justin Siu指揮下組成的The Great Gatsby Band,演出一些經過心雕琢的編寫和佈局的經典及原創樂曲,作品經常呈現出一種變幻莫測,非比尋常的場面,極盡視聽之餘。樂隊各成員均有豐富演出經驗,近日更在IFC有長達一個月的表演節目,大受觀眾歡迎。

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