Dom La Nena, Brazil


 “Dom La Nena sings barely above a whisper though her melodies can penetrate the darkest heart.”

‘Dom的歌唱就像在你耳邊輕聲細訴, 但卻可把任何陰喑的心境刺破帶來曙光’ - KCRW美國國家電`台

“Dom compared her songs to lullabies and to sambas; she sings them in a style that’s both whispery and self-assured. The melodies stay with you, and the mood is transporting.” – The New Yorker

Dom La Nena在巴西南部一個海岸城鎮Porto Alegre出生, 原名Dominique Pinto。五開始學習鋼琴, 八轉攻中提琴(Cello) 。年幼時隨父親旅居巴黎數年, 回國後受到有’中提琴女神’ 稱號的Christine Walevska所賞識, 隻身到阿根廷拜Walevska為師, 展開了多年的學藝生涯。


十八那年 Dom重返巴黎生活, 不需多久便已接了第一職業演出, 便是任知名英國女歌星Jane Birkin作和唱. 其後兩年除了和 Birkin迴各地演出外, 還常替法國女明星/歌手Jeanne Moreau.伴唱. Dom於2013年出版了首張個人唱片 Ela, 隨即受到各地樂評人讚頌。2015年出版的 Soyo 是和Marcelo Camelo合力泡製的,樂曲全為Dom的創作,以英法葡及西班牙語演譯,兩人同時包辦了所有樂器的演奏。評論界對Soyo一致叫好,兩年來在歐美各國演出無間,以其不吃人間煙火般的歌聲,與及那如泣似訴的中提琴演奏,深深吸引了各地樂迷。現場演出時,Dom玩奏的樂器需以中提琴為主, 但也同時彈打結他和敲擊, 來演譯其如兒歌般的森巴情調。


Born Dominique Pinto in the coastal city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, she spent her childhood split between her hometown and Paris, studying cello and.  Dom moved to Buenos Aires at 13, and received teaching sessions from Christine Walevska, who dubbed her "La Nena" ("little one").


In her debut album Ela, the long, wandering melodies are ornamented by cellos, pianos, and other chamber folk elements that come and go like guests at a party. Ela was hailed as a "sonic masterpiece" (NPR), and Dom found herself on the road, touring rigorously and internationally.  The songs in her second album Soyo (2015) were written in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English all by Dom.  While it builds upon the vocabulary of Ela, the co-producer Marcelo Camelo contributed a percussive and rhythmic dynamic reflective, infusing the shine of Rio de Janeiro and bringing lighter and more upbeat elements to Dom’s melancholic undertones. Having toured the world throughout 2013-2014 in a solo capacity, Dom has been performing the songs of Soyo since 2015, and gaining more and more recognition all around the world.

Vladimir Cetkar, Macedonia / Hong Kong

Vladimir Cetkar, Guitar, Vocal

Benno Sattler, Drums

Marcus Ho, bass

Patrick Lui, Piano

Weng, Trumpet

Li Lap Wang,Trombone

Oscar Azahar, Tenor Saxophone


憑著一股熱情,精力和音樂人的多重身份便泡製出Vladimir的招牌出來. 原因便是其可同時擁有編寫彈唱及監製等優越條件. 其作品亦一度受到殿堂大師George Benson, Maceo Parker等推崇. Vladimir幼年學習小提琴, 不久便被爵士樂, 騷靈,放克及的士高音樂所影響, 後來去了美國東岸的柏克萊就讀, 主修爵士樂結他和創作.

音樂風格會令你聯想到70年代瘋魔全球,如 Earth, Wind and Fire等之“的士高”強勢, 但在Vladimir調配下卻現出未來的新路線,對是懷舊熱和未來派的混體.

Vladimir形容其最新專輯 Heavenly為一純創作的雞尾酒,主要配料有爵士、流行、騷靈及的士高。樂評人解構其風格 - George Benson的結他,Quincy Jones的編曲及監製技巧,Earth Wind and Fire's般的歌聲及Jamiroquai'的憾動感。


With his passion, energy and diverse musical persona, Vladimir Cetkar's hallmark is his ability to seamlessly combine his many talents as a guitarist, vocalist, arranger, composer and producer of the highest order.

The evident musical influences may transport you back in time to the musical era when bands like Chic and Earth Wind and Fire ruled the musical cosmos. But Vladimir's new sound, original music expression, and contemporary production return you to the present, and portend a strong future for this genre of music. Essentially, Vladimir Cetkar's latest release can be described as his original music cocktail, incorporating a pristine distillate of the Jazz, Pop, Soul and Disco sounds of the late 70's and early 80's, along with a hint of what's to come.  Critics recognize Cetkar's unique sound and passion, and have drawn many flattering comparisons: George Benson's guitar playing; Quincy Jones' arrangement and production acumen; Earth Wind and Fire's vocals; and Jamiroquai's grooves 

Emi Meyer, Japan


Emi Meyer, Japan - Vocal/Piano

Marcus Ho, bass

John Abraham, drums

"A true artist is someone who thinks from her heart, who will tell you what she feels, not what she thinks or knows. Not only is Emi a true artist, but she brings out the artist in everyone. I felt it from the first day we started writing together." -Brett Dennen


Emi出生在日本京都, 母親是當地的日本人,父親則來自美國。幼年時移居西雅圖生活, 其在歌唱上所下的苦功令她在2007年舉辦的西雅圖-神歌唱比賽中穎而出嬴得大獎,其後更有機會在當地著名的音樂節中演出。 2009年推出首張個人唱片 Curious Creature, 瞬間便攀至日本iTunes爵士樂榜首, 及被冠上年度最佳新人大奬. 。接下來出版的Suitcase full of stones是同格林美得主的錄音師Husky Höskulds合作, 作品除被多間跨國企業用作商業廣告之用外, 更成為了廣受歡迎的電視劇’Younger’ 中的插曲。最新專輯Monochrome於去年九月在巴黎灌錄, 出版後立即升至日本iTunes暢銷榜首。


Emi 擁有一把帶點滄桑而又雍雅感人的聲音,其所創作的樂曲舒懷簡潔,在現時象多爵士女聲中穎而出,獨創一格。除在音樂上發展,Emi亦是個插畫家,出版了不少作品和專輯。

Singer-Songwriter Emi Meyer was born in Kyoto to a Japanese mother and American Father. After moving to Seattle as a child, Meyer honed her vocal skills which eventually led her to win the 2007 Seattle-Kobe Jazz vocalist competition. She has gone on to perform at multiple festivals and collaborated with artists including Colbie Caillat, Yael Naim, Joe Henry, Brett Dennen and more. Her debut album Curious Creature came in 2009 which reached #1 on Japan's iTunes Jazz Chart leading her to be crowned as iTunes Japan's best new artist. Next came her critically acclaimed album Suitcase of Stones which she worked with Grammy Award winning sound engineer Husky Höskulds (Norah Jones and Sheryl Crow) and the songs went on to be featured in commercials for Mitsubishi UFJ, Morgan Stanley, Seiko, and Lexus. Her songs have also been featured in popular TV shows including MTV's "Awkward" and TV Land's "Younger".


Her latest album Monochrome was recorded in Paris and released in Japan last year and debuted at #1. The album will be released in 2016 and will feature original songs for the US market.

Fabio Accardi e Convidados, Italy

Fabio Accardi, Drums

Rogerio Antonio Tavares Emidio, Vocal  

Ferdinando Di Modugno, Guitar player

Giuseppe Bassi, Bass player

Vincenzo Abbracciante, Accordion/Keyboard


來自意大利南部城市巴里的 Fabio Accardi,先後在法國和巴西修讀古典敲擊及爵士鼓技,及有幸能跟爵士巨匠Elvin Jones學習。又曾與Peter Erskine, Gene Lake, Billy Hart, Joey Baron,等大師交流。曾合作灌錄唱片和演出的知名樂手包括有Dave Liebman, Greg Osby, Stefano Bollani, Gianluca Petrella, Paolino dalla Porta, Fabrizio Bosso, Giovanni Tommaso, Paolo Fresu及Steve Lacy等等。


除了打鼓外,在創作上Fabio亦有不少作品被電影選作配樂及主題曲。至今參與灌錄的唱片超過三十之數,及三張個人作品。而今次演出的曲目均來自其一張去年出版,為紀念波薩露華始創人 Carlos Jobim逝世二十周年的専輯 20 Anos De Saudade ,其挑選了一些為人熟悉,旋律優雅的名作。近年來,Fabio更致力教學,在羅馬及巴里多間音樂學院任職。

Fabio Accardi is a drummer coming from the South of Italy (Bari). He graduated in Classical Percussions and Jazz at the Conservatoire National Superieur. He studied with Daniel Humair, and Roberto Gatto. He met legendary drummers such as Peter Erskine, Billy Hart, Joey Baron, and had the great opportunity of studying with Elvin Jones in 2000.  He played with the Big Band directed by Bill Holman and he has recorded about thirty works with Dave Liebman, Greg Osby, Stefano Bollani, Gianluca Petrella, Paolino dalla Porta, Fabrizio Bosso, Giovanni Tommaso, Paolo Fresu and Steve Lacy.  He played in some of the most prestigious jazz festivals such as North Sea int.Jazz festival, Umbria Int. Jazz Festival and Paris international Jazz festival.

Idiot Fish 3, USA

Wally Schnalle, Drums

Hristo Vitchev, Guitar

Dan Robbins, Bass

“Working sound bytes into delicate infusions of soul, jazz, and electronica, Schnalle nourishes an integrated field of sound that at once evokes seventies nostalgia and progressive futurism.”-----   Tyran Grillo,

“About as avant garde and creative as jazz gets”---Grady Harp,

Wally Schnalle精密嘔心的編寫創作, 配合最尖端的電腦科技,是懷舊的融和泒頭撞上前衛的未來主義,揭開爵士樂全新一頁,Fusion再不是窮途末路了 ----Tyran Grillo,


 來自美國西岸的Wally Schnalle, 除有超過四十年打鼔的經驗外, 更是聖荷西爵士樂歷史上舉足輕重的人物。 在創作, 錄音及演奏之外,過去廿多年來 Wally更致力在教育工作之上, 其所教導的範圍極之遼闊包括爵士, 搖滾, 放克, 拉丁及籃調等。 具豐富演出經驗, 曾參加過無數著名音樂節的演出, 包括在聖荷西, 蒙特雷,波特蘭及三藩市等的國際爵士音樂節。


Wally曾出版了十張原創專輯唱片, 曾被加州藝術發展局挑選為駐場藝術家. 此外,Wally更在美國權威什誌 Drums!當責任編輯二十多年。2016 初出版的Idiot Fish 3 是Wally第十張専輯。 風格取向於2010年的聖荷西爵士音樂節中定形, 在經過不停的改良和編排, 引用最新發展的科技, 及風格的調校後, Idiot Fish首張作品於2014年面世。Wally採用了最先進的電腦+音樂技術把其多年來渴望達到的夢想變成事實,便是把傳統爵士套鼓和電腦軟體合而為一, 在可運用無盡的音色調配外, 更豐富和諧感 。現場演出除具震撼感外更是一種傳統和科技的奇妙之為旅。


WALLY SCHNALLE has been playing drums well over 40 years and has a long history of working with San Jose Jazz. For the past 20 years he’s been sharing his knowledge and experience as a teacher, bandleader, recording artist, and sideman with many artists. He performs and teaches in many genres, including jazz Latin, Funk, and Rock and Blues, but the bulk of his work is in Jazz and Fusion. He has performed widely, including gigs at the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest, Monterey Jazz Festival, Portland Jazz Festival and San Francisco’s Jazz in the City series. Schnalle has released 10 CDs of original compositions and was awarded as an Artist In Residence Grant from The California Arts Council. He has worked as Music Editor and a columnist for DRUM! Magazine over 20 years.


Idiot Fish 3 is the 10th release from drummer/composer Wally Schnalle. It’s a project that has been brewing since 2010 when it first appeared live at San Jose Jazz Fest. After many incarnations, technological learning curves and compositional evolutions it has finally recorded. Schnalle’s compositions are fueled by the best of fusion traditions yet they are fresh and forward-looking. He uses the latest computer/music technology to a dream he has been striving to realize for decades of achieving harmonic content as well as other sounds emanating from his usual acoustic drum set. Intriguing compositions, virtuosic soloists and cutting edge tech come together to create an intriguing musical experience. 

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