4 Oct 2015 Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Piazza C


Siu Hin-Chuen, saxophone色士風

Abson Fung, Suona/ guanzi,吶/管子

Lui Ngao Yuen, bass低音

Jan Ikonen, piano鋼琴

Ivan Yeung King Him, percussion敲擊

Dean Li, drums




'The ensemble flowed seamlessly from jazz to Chinese folk music, and from funk to Afro-Cuban!' - Stephen Holley, the chairperson of the Jazz Education Network Membership Committee


PJFB 於2013年组成全港人班底的樂隊,在達拉斯舉辦的爵士樂教育者聨綱 (JEN Jazz Education Network) 會議中首演。PJFB的音樂融匯中西,把西方流行音樂的多種元素如爵士即興及放克,和傳統中國民歌及戲曲等結合,但毫不造作,承襲傳統之時亦開闢了新天地。


The Pentatonic Jazz Fusion Band (P.J.F.B.) came together in 2013 and had their debut concert in JEN conference, which was held in Dallas, Texas, USA.  P.J.F.B. introduces a new form of fusion, incorporating Chinese and Western musical instruments, Chinese folk elements, with contemporary jazz harmony, funk rhythm and free jazz improvisation. Based in Hong Kong, the fusion of Chinese and Western sextet has constantly found the boundaries to cross, combining genres and different cultures while exploring the unknown.




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