JSFA, Korea 韓國



Ji Young Lee 李智英 - Piano and Keyboard
Eun-Chang Choi 崔殷彰 - Bass
Dong Wook Lee 李東昱 - Saxophone
Junghyun Cho 曹正鉉 - Trumpet
Seungho Kim 金承浩 - Drums
Jaewon Jung 鄭宰沅 - Guitars


“The band can mix together unique qualities of both jazz and funk ……. As a result, the JSFA shows are fresh and exciting, never boring or mundane.” - Ian Paterson, All About jazz


Jazz Snobs Funk Addicts (JSFA) is a Seoul-based sextet co-led by pianist/keyboardist Jiyoung Lee and bassist Eunchang Choi. Its 2009 debut JSFA mixed electro-acoustic jazz-funk and sweet-sounding contemporary jazz. In the hard-grooving second CD "Season 2: The Return of JSFA!!"(2013), Lee's Hiromi-esque staccato keyboard dabs, Jung’s guitar sounds like Scott Henderson’s, and Lee’s saxophone solos with real fire. In JSFA, everybody is grooving. JSFA is now one of the leading exponents of the jazz-funk genre.


以首爾為基地 JSFA,玩奏 Jazz funk 為主的六人組合 JSFA,是由一對夫婦檔,Jiyoung Lee 及 Eunchang Choi為中心人物,伙合了四位當今樂壇上的年青幼獅,全力猛攻這種節奏強勁,動力充沛而氣勢澎湃的當代爵士樂。2009 出版了首張唱片,便在全國 打響名堂,掀起一陣狂熱。經過四年的磨煉改進,去年泡制了第二張作品。成員的個人技術十分成熟,整體合作亦無懈可擊,硬實有力的聲勢使組合在 Funk Jazz 的世界中落實。韓風果然無處不在,JSFA 就告訴了我們,黃種人要 Funk 起來絕不會輸給美洲黑人的。







Announcement on Player Change : Owing to unexpected circumstances, the bass player Kerwin Villasin of Jennifer Palor & the Urban Crew has to leave town and will be replaced by Charles Cabellon for the program on 28 October 2021.


樂手變動通告:由於不可預計的情况, “Jennifer Palor & the Urban Crew”的大提琴手Kerwin Villasin需要離開香港,由 Charles Cabellon代替在 10 月 28 日的節目演出。

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