Lucero-Fernandes-Gagnon Trio USA /India /Canada 美國/印度/加拿大



Nicholas Bouloukos  Jezrael Lucero - Piano
Anthony Fernandes - Drums
Sylvain Gagnon - Bass



Jezrael Lucero, Piano – The Philippines


Perfect pitch is just one of the many remarkable things about Lucero. According to his dad – who passed away a few years back – the musician was singing Sinatra’s Strangers in the Night at the age of 13 months; he was playing classical concertos on the piano at two; and he’s been gigging at hotels and appearing on TV shows since he was four. As well as being a tremendously gifted jazz pianist, whose fingers can prance like praying mantises or scramble like frenzied locusts on a keyboard, he’s a singer, arranger, drummer, bass-player, and guitarist; plus he’ll kick your assin NBA Live on the PlayStation.

One more thing – he has been utterly blind since his premature birth on May 1, 1985.

But he doesn’t see that as a handicap. “No!” he replies immediately at the suggestion. “No, never.”
“I would think blindness, it will help you develop your inner strength, which is the most important thing in your life as you grow up.”

Lucero calls it a gift, but it’s one that didn’t come easy. His father – “a real bad-assed teacher” – subjected the musician to smacks and cigarette burns from a young age as he honed his skill. “Most of the time he turned himself into a master, not a father,” says Lucero.

Despite some resentment, however, Lucero says he owes his success to his dad and God. “As you grow old, you understand that everything your father did for you is so you can be tough and live in this real world. It’s not a world of happiness and pleasure all the time.” Even when speaking of difficult subjects, the smile never fades from his face.

These days in Hong Kong, which has been his home for three years, Lucero dazzles Sunday afternoon guests in the lobby at the Four Seasons in Central, before heading over to the Martini Bar at Tsim Sha Tsui’s Royal Garden Hotel. He can often be found jamming at Peel Fresco after hours on Sundays, and he’s currently working on a project rearranging music from Duke Ellington with hip-hop beats.

“Disability is a disability if you think of it,” he says with characteristic defiance, adding that he doesn’t like the ‘I cannot do it’ attitude. “I really like adventure. I like to do things that everybody doesn’t think I can.”


Born to a musical family in India, Anthony Fernandes started a professional career at an early age of 14. Moved to L.A, California in 1991 to study at the then Prestigious "Dick Grove School Of Music". Moved to HK and teamed up with Asia's premiere guitarist Eugene Pao at HK "Jazz Club" where he backed up numerous International renown artists. Besides, he has worked and recorded with over 100 Cantopop and Mandopop artist and recorded over 800 albums till date.


出生在印度的一個音樂世家,14 歲便成為職業樂手的 Anthony,在美國著名的Dick Grove School Of Music 以優越成績結業,其後移居香港,成為了本地樂壇上家傳戶曉的名字。曾合作過的音樂人跨越各類型,有爵士樂的 Eric Marienthal,Richie Cole,Guy Barker,James Moody,有和香港管弦樂團及 Michel Legrand,James Morrison 的。亦曾和無數香港流行樂歌星合作及灌錄了過八百張以上的唱片。


Considered as one of the best Canadian bass player of its generation, Sylvain is a virtuoso of jazz bass playing styles ranging from rock to jazz, from South India, to African, Chinese, from funk to Latin music. Sylvain has recorded over 150 albums, played on over 70 jingles, 10 movie soundtracks. In Hong Kong, he recorded and performed with local and international pop artists, also as a musical director for Theresa Carpio, Joyce Lee, etc.






Announcement on Player Change : Owing to unexpected circumstances, the bass player Kerwin Villasin of Jennifer Palor & the Urban Crew has to leave town and will be replaced by Charles Cabellon for the program on 28 October 2021.


樂手變動通告:由於不可預計的情况, “Jennifer Palor & the Urban Crew”的大提琴手Kerwin Villasin需要離開香港,由 Charles Cabellon代替在 10 月 28 日的節目演出。

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